My 1969 Special Deluxe

Discussion in 'Members Rides' started by Entropy11, May 8, 2019.

  1. Entropy11

    Entropy11 Well-Known Member

    Keith- you know I’m using your car as a model for this one anyways... lol. If you say the openings go at the top of the rim, you got it!

    Haha- thanks a bunch for all the info and insight so far!

    A few more from the other day...
    06986F83-13EE-47C6-9401-F7AC52422271.jpeg CB525DF4-6DCB-448C-A8A9-DD026E879ACC.jpeg 04F5C0D9-A938-46D6-A56C-7FF800F76D98.jpeg
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  2. 1972Mach1

    1972Mach1 Just some guy.....

    I dig it the way it is.....old school :)
  3. 1969BSGS

    1969BSGS Active Member

    It looks good Dennis, I have 17" wheels so that's how mine sits, I think it needs 2" drop rear springs, BMR SP015R $99 at Summit , You know I like the UMI Performance stuff but I don't think you can go wrong for that price....
  4. 65Larkin

    65Larkin Well-Known Member

    Sweet ride. I went with the same rims for my '65 for the same reason, pity they don't make the Buick style rally rims with 5 inch backspace. Yes the Buick style centre caps they sell do fit- they bolt on from the rear.

    Good job the previous owner decided you were worthy, I know speedway guys that have turned away people waving cash under their noses 'cos they didn't like them.
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  5. Entropy11

    Entropy11 Well-Known Member


    I was fortunate that the original GM Buick centers fit, as I’ve been grabbing the odd NOS ones I see on eBay when they’re cheap! Was thinking I’d have to order the wheel manufacturer ones.

    Yeah- it was pretty nice seeing an owner search out the right individual to own their car. The only hard part with this exchange was their 2 little kids crying and hugging the car when it was being loaded up! Cool part was after their dad talked to them they came around and we’re talking to me... lol
  6. Entropy11

    Entropy11 Well-Known Member

    Figured I’d throw in another update as my scheduled updates changed a little. I came across these super cheap on CL and had to make a quick trip to Rochester, NY (only about an hour and a half East of me). Seller was really cool and we exchanged some car stories.


    There’s a little more to it that should be here Wednesday. Hopefully I can get it in by the weekend.

    Have some more parts lined up from out West but I’m not getting too excited till I know they ship!
  7. Entropy11

    Entropy11 Well-Known Member

    Haven’t updated much lately but still have been making progress...

    Didn’t need the relocation brackets by any means with my back end that high but figured what the heck, when they essentially came to me for nothing, might as well drop those in too. I still have to do the uppers some weekend. My old lowers looked pretty rough and the bushings were shot.



    Also been messing with my headlights as night driving is downright scary with the old sealed beams. Made a relay to run the lights direct off the battery instead of through 27’ of 16ga 50yr old wire. Used a pair of 9003/H4 extensions so no splicing into anything and easy to undo if ever needed. I swear it easily doubled my light output.

    I then swapped in a pair of cheap $14 H4 e-code lenses and a $10 set of Hella H4P50TB 55w/60 bulbs. Could not believe the difference. Light output again at least appeared to double if not more and although “white” light wasn’t my goal, it now looks like pure white light. Nice cutoff on them due to the e-code of course. One slight complaint with the lenses but I’ll update that in a thread I plan to do regarding the relays and cheap E-code lenses vs Hella E- Code lenses when I get a chance to install them and take pics.

    It’s amazing how there is so little glare yet so much light down the road...

  8. GKMoz

    GKMoz Gary / Moz

    Love your car! I do have a thought though? how about the pillar and door framing painted a dull aluminum color or a dull silver / I think it would definitely look good? jus sayin :) love the rims & tires definitely!
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  9. Entropy11

    Entropy11 Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much for the compliments and ideas! I appreciate it and I’m really happy with how it’s progressing.

    This just came last week...

    Unfortunately, if you look at the pic you’ll soon notice I’m a piece short! What’s worse... not being able to find the trim you’re after, or finding all but one piece?

    Haha... but seriously, I’m extremely grateful to both Jason and Brian from Desert Valley Auto Parts out in Arizona. I guess Jason knew he had the parts for the doors tucked away in his Dad’s garage and Brian scoured the yard looking everywhere for the quarter window trim and coordinated everything else with me. They really are a great group out there and made the whole thing simple.

    It’s going to take me a while to get the parts looking new again, so I might just go with that idea of doing something else in the meantime. I think I have 2 shades of silver as well as chrome vinyl that I can wrap it with.
  10. GKMoz

    GKMoz Gary / Moz

    If I'm not mistaken the Colorado series GS's came with the pieces you need/
    Go to ebay and scour for that "hounds tooth" passenger side piece? :)
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  11. GKMoz

    GKMoz Gary / Moz

    Could the Olds cutlass / F-85 / 442's have the same piece you need?
    just a thought !
  12. Entropy11

    Entropy11 Well-Known Member

    Just figured I’d post some updates...

    New carpet finally installed:



    Finally took it to a car show (Olcott Beach in NY):


    Our Son was happy to have his car there too:


    I still have more updates as I get time to post it here. Still a ways to go but it’s getting there.
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  13. Entropy11

    Entropy11 Well-Known Member

    Sorry- didn’t see your post.

    I believe you’re correct. I have a set I picked up in bare steel (to be painted) like I have on now. That one piece I need appears to be the same. The upper sweep part over the 1/4 is different though. My thought was to just try to wrap the steel piece with thin mil aluminum sheet. Who knows lol... I’m just tossing this on the back burner for the time I guess.

    Thx for the help!
  14. Entropy11

    Entropy11 Well-Known Member



    1BBDA3D2-EF14-4327-910F-999A997A6C63.jpeg Made a little progress on the 4bbl swap...

    I like the way it came out. I used a degreaser to scrub/soak, wire wheel to remove all lose material, clean water wash, KW-901 wax/grease prep wash, then prime/paint.

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