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    Looks GREAT!
    Also to let you know.
    in line tube does sell prebent 1/2" fuel line as well as all the other lines.
    I just got their fuel line set. After talking to RobbMc I will leave the stock return lines.
    Super nice stuff from in line tube though.
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    I have just enough room in my garage to build the support stands that you did - and still slide the frame back and forth underneath. Can you provide the dimensions for the front and rear stands? Restoring a '71 convertible...Thanks.

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    I will try to measure them tonight. But I just built them as we llifted the body and lowered the rollong chassis to the ground. No predetermined measurments. If you jack the entire car up then you dont have to raise the body off the frame as much to get it up real high. You might not want to lift your's up as high as mine. Then slide in the 4x4's. Then lower the chassis to the ground and roll it out.
    I have too give Randy Brooks all the credit, It was his Idea. Check out the bottom of page 2 of his post for the measurments he used. His is a convertible also.!-The-body-is-off-We-have-Liftoff!
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    Jan. 2013 update. Radiator support installed, Radiator, Hoses, B&M Trans cooler with 6 AN brades hose, Nitro Eaton Posie from board member Monza installed with all new bearings and seal. Back lash set back too .008 as original. Pinyon preload 19 inch pounds.
    A few more details on the chassis and I will call it done. Then back on the car underbody.

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    IMG_20171128_205215.jpg IMG_20171128_205248.jpg IMG_20171128_205315.jpg Well I droped the ball on this tread. This car is on the road, but im always changing my mind. Im just going to start posting pics I can find of the build. Here is tje latest. Removed the Barry Grant carb and installed the Fitech 600 HP. unit.
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