My Double Six Skylark, rolling again after decades parked in a shed

Discussion in 'Members Rides' started by Double6skylark, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. rkammer

    rkammer '71 GS455 Arctic White

    Tell us and show us more. :)
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  2. Dragged her (literally, because the rear drums were seized) out of this shed which she sat in for the last 24 years.

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  3. DasRottweiler

    DasRottweiler -BuickAddict-

    I think that qualifies as a Barn Find........Jim/Rott
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  4. Smokey15

    Smokey15 Pretty Fly for an Old Guy

    Cool that she's back on the road. Were you the one who stored it? AND what's with the Caddy?
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  5. I bought it from the second owner who had it since 68
  6. The old guy I bought it from rented storage to people and their vehicles on his property (Caddy) is one of them.

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