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Discussion in 'The Bench' started by buicksWILD, Aug 1, 2020.

  1. buicksWILD

    buicksWILD Well-Known Member

    So apparently some athletes and coaches who decided to stand during the national anthem are being criticized and questioned and to why they choose to stand?

    What kind of backwards world are we living in now that when you decide to follow a tradition your possibly in the wrong?

    Fellow players are upset over them not kneeling with them.

    So basically you must join or be bullied into joining the movement or lifestyle as LeBron put it.

    And by the way BLM is stupid we should be promoting ALM, ALL LIVES MATTER.

    End of rant.

    Back to your regularly scheduled bs sports program.
  2. gsfred

    gsfred Founders Club Member

    It's the TOXIC cancel culture. If you don't hold the same beliefs you are evil and should lose your job and be hounded. Kind of Orvellian.
  3. 436'd Skylark

    436'd Skylark Sweet Fancy Moses!!!!!

    Hey it's ground hog day.
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  4. GKMoz

    GKMoz Gary / Moz

    It's a test to see what people will tolerate?
    BLM is led by M- -x - -ts clearly announced by the leader of said org.
    And what does that say of those who support said org.?
    It's like those funky surveys on social sites ones that ask will you display the American flag?
    They want to know when they can get away with banning it by the survey results?

    "Hey it's ground hog day."

    Only in Bill Murray's world and one other!
  5. eagleguy

    eagleguy 1971 Skylark Custom

    As the narrative is controlled by censorship or threats the only way to make a point is not to support companies, teams or whoever does not support your values. If enough follow this thought it will be known the the current way we are living will NOT BE TOLERATED.
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  6. GKMoz

    GKMoz Gary / Moz

    MLB ( if they kneel let em) is thinking of canceling the season as 14 players tested positive?
    I believe they are making that excuse to hide the fact TV viewership is way down?
    No viewers no money for advertising revenue?

    I believe the NFL will suffer the same fate?
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  7. buicksWILD

    buicksWILD Well-Known Member

    I think the NFL will be OK. Its America's #1 sport and lets face it its just a few characters short of being considered a soap opera. Plenty of controversies, scandals, drama ect ect.
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  8. 2manybuicks

    2manybuicks Platinum Level Contributor

    The Marlins cannot play because they have something like 18 players and 2 coaches who tested positive.

    The Phillies can't play because they played the Marlins.

    The Cardinals couldn't play because two of their guys tested positive, but they may just miss a game.

    Bad viewership would still mean mlb would make more than by not playing.
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  9. 2manybuicks

    2manybuicks Platinum Level Contributor

    NFL may have real COVID issues when it comes around to playing.

    Golf -- safe.
    Nascar -- safe.
    NBA -- safe -- "The Bubble" seems to be working.
    MLB -- Uh-oh, shoulda used the bubble.
    NFL -- may not go well.
    NHL -- same.
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  10. John Codman

    John Codman Platinum Level Contributor

    I think that you are pretty much correct. Nascar is allowing some fans at certain races; I'm interested in seeing how that works out.
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  11. GKMoz

    GKMoz Gary / Moz

    As usual, some miss the point conveyed? Those orgs. tell you what they want you to believe?
    Just like the rest of the MSM does all day every day! IMO;)
  12. eagleguy

    eagleguy 1971 Skylark Custom

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  13. 436'd Skylark

    436'd Skylark Sweet Fancy Moses!!!!!

    The irony.
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  14. eagleguy

    eagleguy 1971 Skylark Custom

    Hard to speak in circles in order to not get locked out.
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  15. 2manybuicks

    2manybuicks Platinum Level Contributor

    Most of the players get asked questions by the press after games. They are indeed getting asked why they knelt, and it is also natural to ask the few who didn't why they didn't.

    There is no mass campaign of criticism, ostracization, or harassment of those who stand. Of course they get criticized by those on the far far left, but with the internet you cannot do anything without at least someone criticizing you. There is probably someone out there somewhere criticizing the standing guys for not standing quite straight enough, not singing along, whatever. The vast majority really don't care that some guy stands.

    Not following tradition can actually be a real good thing.

    I can find no reports of anyone being bullied into kneeling. The bullying has been towards those who did.

    No one disputes that All Lives Matter. The trick is getting people to realize that black ones do. Please check the historical record.

    End of lesson.
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  16. Stage 2 iron

    Stage 2 iron 475 IRON HEAD STAGE 2

    I beg to differ on the bullying why don't go ask Drew Brees he stated in the beginning he was not kneeling because he had family that had fought in the previous wars so we had to apologize.
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  17. gsfred

    gsfred Founders Club Member

    I spent my career at a fortune 50 company. Had I knelt like this in front of our customers I would have been counseled once. The next time I would have been unemployed. I have no problem with people kneeling. Just do it on your own time. As a customer I have voted with my feet. They have lost a customer. I don't follow all these overpaid people most of who probably spend no time back home trying to make things better
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  18. BYoung

    BYoung Stage me

    Just to lighten up this thread a little...

    Taking a Knee.jpg
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  19. charlierogers

    charlierogers as close to a buick as i can come so far lol

    i vote monica............ wait are we voting on this?............
  20. 2manybuicks

    2manybuicks Platinum Level Contributor

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