NEED! 72 GS 350 air cleaner have 72 455 to trade

Discussion in 'Lost and Found' started by RPM Mark, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. cstanley-gs

    cstanley-gs Silver Mist

    Actually... from your other post it seems your car is a 72, so your upper rad hose may be correct.
    Its the air cleaner that's wrong. 72 moved to a triangular drivers side as mentioned above.

    RACEBUICKS Midwest Buick Mafia

    I reproduce the correct 455 air cleaner bracket and bolts.
  3. N360LL

    N360LL milehi71Stage1

    Yes, the bracket is required for two reasons; 1) it supports the front portion of the air cleaner so that the snorkels seal against the bottom of the hood scoops correctly; 2) it aligns the air cleaner assembly with the engine, radiator hose, etc.

    Steve Caruso has the correct reproduction unit and studs with nuts. The ones from some of the other big name suppliers are not correct and do not came with the studs or nuts.

    RACEBUICKS Midwest Buick Mafia

    I am the one who has made these for years. They are test fitted to an intake and air cleaner and I have the correct studs as well. Not too sure why you think he makes them but
    I went to his website and he is not showing the aircleaner bracket and bolts....

  5. hdpegscraper

    hdpegscraper Well-Known Member

    That bracket sure is nice lookin.
  6. N360LL

    N360LL milehi71Stage1

    When I needed one 17 years ago I went to Steve to get mine. I got the N-25 exhaust tips, brackets, etc at the same time.
  7. raresun

    raresun Well-Known Member

    If your going to use that air cleaner assembly you need the support bracket and 71 455 hose.
  8. RPM Mark

    RPM Mark Member

    Ok, maybe that's it then. It seems that the fan shroud for a 455 is different than a 350 and that is why my upper hose is being jammed. That combined with the 70-71 air cleaner. I guess I'll try a 71 455 hose and see how that goes.
  9. N360LL

    N360LL milehi71Stage1

    The fan shroud is very different between a 350 and 455. The '71 455 shroud is a one year item only. I don't remember exactly what the difference is for a '72 455 shroud. The '70 shroud has a pair of holes on the drivers side where the upper radiator support bracket attaches.

    A 455 engine swap really does need a correct radiator, shroud and related parts in order to fit correctly and cool the engine properly.
  10. 70lark350

    70lark350 Well-Known Member

    Hey Mike how much 4 one of those brackets shipped to 11788?
  11. Poppaluv

    Poppaluv I CALL WINNERS!!!

    Mike makes many pieces we need. :beer
  12. 72STAGE1

    72STAGE1 Runnin' with the Devil

    Does that bracket go on a 72 GS 455? I have never seen one before and if it does how does it attach to the air cleaner, a picture of one on the engine would help,with and without the air cleaner on it, THANKS to anyone with pics!
  13. 72GSCV

    72GSCV Member

    Is there a difference in air cleaners? If so what is the difference? I am swaping out my 350 for a 455.

  14. 72GSCV

    72GSCV Member

    Are these critical, mine did not have one? How do I purchase?

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