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    I've read the manual and looked on line but I can't find this info. I know to replace the heater core you have to pull the under dash box out. But, I can't find the two upper nuts on the studs from the under dash box. Do I need to remove the air box on the engine side? The part in the upper left side of this pic?[​IMG]
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    I think I figured it out, so just for the record:
    Here is the back side of the HVAC blower box on the engine side of the firewall:
    Here is the heater box under the dash, the side facing the firewall:

    and a close up:


    The studs on the inside box extend through firewall and through the frame of the fan box on the engine side and are somewhat easy to see if you know where to look.
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    There are three studs/nuts on the bottom of the heater core box inside the car under the dash. See the top pic above, bottom is to the left. Easy to see in the car, they are on the very bottom of the blower box on the engine side. The top of the box has two studs/nuts and two dowels. You can see them in the lower two pics above. The left one is under/behind the hood hinge on the passenger side. On the top pic its the hole at the bottom and in the bottom pic its at the left.

    The other top stud/nut is between the top heater hose and the rubber grommet on the front of the fan case. In the top pic its the rusty slot in the center of the picture. On the car you have to find the top heater hose and its up and to the right about 2 inches. Look behind the passenger side valve cover.
    You can see the top hose connection to the left and below it. The vacuum canister and the grommet are above it.
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    Good info. I also have A/C on mine
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    Merry Christmas! I'll post more as I get into it...
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    I got the 5 nuts off the engine side. Here is some info on those:
    I used a gear type ratchet wrench to reach the nuts behind the hinge and the inner fender:
    I did have to use a heat gun the soften and remove the black goop they used as a sealer where it covered the nuts. I did not have to cut any holes or remove any parts to get to the lower left one behind the inner fender. It was tight but very do-able. We'll see how it goes getting it back on!
    The other three nuts came off with a socket and some extensions.
    You have to remove the kick panel on the passenger side to get to the retainer and seal assem. that holds the right side of the box to the AC shroud under the dash. Of note is a screw on the door jam that is not on the later cars:
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    Ratchet wrenches are the greatest invention in our lifetime :)
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    Oops - did I say 5 nuts? Someone on the board advised me that some factories put nuts on the AC/heater assembly (the part under the dash) studs to hold it in place while they did the Plenum Blower Air Door Assembly later on the line. And lucky me I have those extra nuts NOT mentioned anywhere in the manual/parts book. Follow the manual section 13-31. I got the retainer and seal assembly off:
    You do not need to remove the small 1/4 screws around the perimeter on the shroud side duct. Just the two 7/16ths and the 1/4 facing you in the center. The retainer is in 2 pieces and the part you see slid over comes right off. That releases the side under the kick panel. The manual says work the assembly from the cowl. Yes, pull and tug because its glued to the car with all the black goop. BUT, if it won't come loose check for the extra nuts:
    That's one on the stud next to the upper heater core nipple. And:
    IMG_0853.JPG that's the 2nd one on the bottom middle stud. You have to take the blower assembly loose by removing the screws across the top and prying it up enough to get a wrench in behind the flange, as shown. Again, the gear wrenches were a life saver.

    With the studs finally free the rest is like the manual says. Once the box is out you're not done. You have to split the box to get the core out because the retaining screws are inside. Boy, the later cars are easy compared to this!
    IMG_0854.JPG There are 4 screws holding the retaining brackets. Do NOT mix them up.
    Two on the left and two on the right. Of course they may be buried under the dreaded black goop. The factory sealed everything with that stuff.
    I posted a review of the Summit core I am using.

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