Need help! Clutch/Brake assembly

Discussion in 'U-shift em' started by voodoochild54, Nov 9, 2018.

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    Hey guys and gals..........Will a 66 Chevelle brake and clutch pedal assembly work on a 66 Skylark? We are changing my Skylark from a TH350 to a 4spd. I'm having trouble finding a Buick assembly. Many thanks!!!
  2. voodoochild54

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    They should fit and work, but might not be totally correct. Compare them to your current brake pedal and stop light bracket, if they are the same you should be good.

    I know some versions had bolts and others had a shaft as part of the clutch pedal and believe there is another variety that uses a separate pin with a clip. And there is also a few different bumper styles for the pedals so make sure the pedals arent slamming on anything when you release them

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    Thank you Jim!!!
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    I think they are the same, but Brian has said there is a difference. I'll guess it has to do with the height or angle of the stop..... since the Skylark has a different dash than the Chevelle.
    Here are a couple of pics of an original from my 66 GS. Except for the pad they look like the repo Chevelle ones I see on eBay.
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