Need Help With 1967 GS400 Windshield Wipers / Washers

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    1967 Buick GS400 windshield wipers were not working. Checked switch connections and ground. Also replaced windshield washer pump. Now, the wipers work on low and high, but the wipers (non-depressed) will not park themselves. What causes the wipers to park? Condensor? Where?

    Also, the washers work, but as soon as they are turned on, they stay on until the wipers are turned off. Seems to me they should spray for 3-4 wiping cycles Any ideas what to check next?'

  2. telriv

    telriv Well-Known Member

    This has been posted before. Do a search for non depressed w/s/wiper diagnosis.

    DWBRUNJES Member

    Thanks, but that phrase returns NO RESULTS FOUND
  4. yachtsmanbill

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  5. telriv

    telriv Well-Known Member

    Do more searching. Use your imagination. It's on a Chevelle site. VERY informative & complete. I believe it was put on as a "Sticky" on this site. Sorry I don't remember the EXACT phrasing.
  6. gstewart

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    There is a parking mechanism in the wiper motor that seldom gets replaced when a wiper motor is rebuild. Had the same problem with my '72 GS (depressed) tried 2 rebuilt units - garbage. Purchased a NEW wiper motor + washer from a Chevelle guy on Ebay, 10 years ago.
  7. alleyyooper

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    If you haven't found the information yet? There is a black box attached to the wiper motor, inside that box is the timeing Mechanism . That controlls how long the washer pump runs and also parks the wipers when they shut off either in the wash cycle or after a rain.

    At our shop we always replaced that black box rather than fool around with the circuits inside that box.

    :D Al

    DWBRUNJES Member

    Thanks for the references / input. Turns out that both problems (no park and constant squirt) were solved by running a separate ground wire from the washer mounting plate to the wiper motor mounting hole (which is grounded to the firewall / frame). I'm not sure how the wipers or washer worked at all without this ground - might be that those are grounded at the switch.
  9. yachtsmanbill

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    There IS in fact a ground wire at the switch too, and mine was OFF. The wipers only ran on HIGH off the low side of the switch, no washers, and would park a few inches "UP" into the swing. ws

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