Need to remove pins from turn signal connector

Discussion in 'Sparky's corner' started by BillA, Dec 29, 2019.

  1. BillA

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    Anyone know how to remove the pins from the turn signal wiring connector? I need to remove the connector so I can fish the wiring through the gear selector hub on the steering column. The connector itself is too big to fit through. After I fish the wire through my plan is to re-insert the pins in the connector and hook it up to the female side. Thanks.

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  2. TrunkMonkey

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    There are two tangs sticking out on each side of the pin and secure it. You need two very slim and small flat blade screwdrivers to articulate them. Push the wire from the back, so there is no tension retaining the tangs, slip the screw driver blades in each side to press the tangs away fro the wall of the housing. A bench vise will make it easier. (there likely was/is a tool out there specifically for the task, but I have never seen one for these connectors, perhaps someone else has knowledge.)

    If the connector that is circled is removed or loose, look at the terminal and look inside the connector to see how the terminal locks, that will help.

    Be patient. If you are too aggressive, you will tear the small plastic areas that the tangs lock against, and the terminal will not stay in place, making a good interlock with the mating terminal on the mating connector when you put it back together.
    But you can push the connector together then push both male and female terminals together from the backside of each connector with a screwdriver. (hope that makes sense).
  3. BillA

    BillA Well-Known Member

    I practiced on the old connector using two small safety pins. It worked but I'm afraid of messing up the plastic on the new connector so I ordered a tool off Amazon for $8. We'll see how that compares. Thanks.
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  4. TrunkMonkey

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    Post the tool if it works. I prefer to use the proper tool when I can, but, I'll "McGyver" anything before I quit. :D
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  5. BillA

    BillA Well-Known Member

    Tool worked great. Had the all the wires removed in a minute with no damage to the connector or terminals. The tool I used was the silver one which is available separately for about $9 from Amazon. I purchased the entire kit for $35 from Amazon. In case you're wondering the gray wire is for the light bulb that illuminates the column mounted gear indicator. This was not needed on my car and the bulb socket would have prevented the switch from fitting in the steering column.

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  6. TrunkMonkey

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    Thanks. Going to buy that.

    Anytime I add or modify wiring, I use the original style Packard 56/59, Delphi, Pac-Conn and other connectors.
    Just like to keep things looking good and working well together.

    I loath butt splices, those "snap suitcase" connectors and stuff, as they often look so cheesy and unprofessional, even under heat shrink.
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    Would have liked to watch you do it - after all I'm only minutes away.


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