need to replace turn signal switch on 1977 Regal would have guessed I had cornering lights, but

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  1. berigan

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    1977 buick regal in sun.jpg when I got that horrible thing out (Sure didn't know I'd be dropping the column, glad I found a youtube video on how to get it to come out of there) I had ordered the turn signal switch for a car with cornering lights as I do have lights like the car above(EDIT now a photo of my car), in the very edge of the fender(every pic online of a Regal looks the same to me, no lights in the lower portion of the fender) but the old one is missing 3 wires that are on the new Turn signal switch. So....I think how hard it was to get the 3 inch wide plug to come up the column, to put the new one down, with these extra wires...what would happen plugging it in the the other plug end if this car didn't come with cornering lights? should I get one without cornering lights then? (advance's site is not so hot about this, seems the one without cornering lights is more expensive)
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  2. Bad Boattail

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    I don't see a cornering light on your car:

  3. Electra man

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    It shouldn't make a difference. You'll have pins on the switch side of the plug that aren't contacting anything with empty blanks on the car harness side.
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  4. gsx455-4ever

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    You can unplug the existing switch at the bottom of the column now and plug the new switch into the car harness and test operation . TS , Brake lights , 4-way flasher and horn by touching the horn contact to ground .

    The only difference between a regular switch and one for cornering lamps is the 3 extra wires . You car DOES NOT have cornering lamps
  5. berigan

    berigan Well-Known Member

    thanks for the info guys! were cornering lights super rare on Regals? I still cannot find a photo of a car with anything beyond what I have on mine
  6. gsx455-4ever

    gsx455-4ever Gold Level Contributor

    They were mostly on Electra's and Riv's . I've put in hundreds of those switches . A tip to get the plug thru the column is to have the support removed and the plastic holder for the switches wires . You can slide a stiff wire thru where the wires go . Wire has to be 1/2 what a coat hanger is . Flatten the wires in line with the plug . use the wire to help get everything thru the column . I actually never use the wire anymore . . As long as the wires are flattened down you can push it right thru . then put the plastic protected and support back in place .
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  7. 1973gs

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    If you have a tilt column, make sure that it is in the straight position when installing the switch. It will go right in after you remove the column support bracket and the plastic wire protector.

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