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    If still in need of guages I may have some
    Hav solved radiator issues previously employing radiators from fords cars & trucks......hav a limited selection of nos tanks if would b of use ...vertical & horizontal
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    Here is what I did for gauges - kind of a Day 2 look. I started with old-school SW (voltmeter, oil pressure, water temp, and oil temp), but then I added fuel pressure and air/fuel ratio in the consolette. SW does not make an air/fuel ratio, so I switched the fuel pressure gauge to AutoMeter to match the air/fuel ratio. I also got an old Pontiac vacuum gauge, and put its internals into the Buick Tachometer cup.

    So I have SW 0-16 psi fuel pressure gauge, if you need it.
    oil pressure water temp oil temp.JPG tach and voltmeter.JPG vacuum fuel pressure airfuel ratio.JPG

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