new 70 bumpers for skylark?

Discussion in 'Repro Parts' started by midwestgs, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. midwestgs

    midwestgs Well-Known Member

    Are there new 70 bumpers being made?seen a ad on fb.Thank you
  2. David G

    David G de-modded....

    Likely "restored", I'm not aware anyone makes repros, but I guess it's possible?
  3. flynbuick

    flynbuick Super Moderator Staff Member

  4. sean Buick 76

    sean Buick 76 Buick Nut Staff Member

    I got some new fibreglass bumpers...
  5. 87GN_70GS

    87GN_70GS Well-Known Member

  6. Ryans-GSX

    Ryans-GSX Have fun, life is short.

    If they made 2 of them my guess is they made more than that and they can make more. I sure wish someone could find out where they were made and if they can get more.
  7. Smartin

    Smartin Staff Member

    I saw on fb that the parts place was where the guy was directed. They are made in Taiwan.
  8. bignastyGS

    bignastyGS Maggot pilot

    I believe Mike Goodman may have bought the one
  9. Smartin

    Smartin Staff Member

    Sean goodman did
  10. Hawken

    Hawken Hawken

    The "R DOT" on the label is very interesting as that specific term is Federally mandated to be affixed to certain classes of automotive parts (manufactured after sometime in the 90's, I believe, per the statute) for replacement of OEM parts. The label suggests a formal manufacturing operation and sale in the US market.

    BTW, new vehicles have little stickers that the original vehicle manufacturer places on a number of types of body parts which can be unbolted and then sold (think prevention of vehicle theft and resale of parts). These stickers have a code or part of the original vehicle's VIN so as to confirm to what car these parts originally came from. So, if you see an "R DOT" sticker on a part (on a car), you know that that part is not original to that car - that part is a replacement (the 'R' in R DOT ... as in Replacement - Dept. of Transportation). On many newer cars, you can see these very small decals in the jambs and greases of the parts (fenders, bumper covers, doors, etc.) and the stickers are supposed to be tamper-evident if disturbed.
  11. TorqueMonster1

    TorqueMonster1 Making My GS Great Again!

    YES, They are making repo 70 front bumpers. I saw what was suppose to be the "first" one. I was at a shop picking up my 70 rear bumper that I had rechromed and the guy helping me asked if I wanted to see it. I said sure. He brought it out. The story I was told was- "some company was having them repoed and sent the first finished product to one of their vendors, who sent it to a shop they did business with to let them fit it up and see how good/bad it fit. The shop did a trial fitting with it and then sent it to the chrome plating shop for them to "tweak" it so it fit correctly". To me it appeared "thin" if that's a word I can use to describe it. Thin chrome and just a thin over all appearance. However, that was my take on it. I have a pic or two of it I will try to round up and post. Mark
  12. 70purplerag

    70purplerag Silver Level contributor

    I spoke with the "ebay" guy who said there are fitment issues with the reproductions.
  13. C.Rob

    C.Rob Well-Known Member

    Any more news on these?
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  14. DBS

    DBS Well-Known Member

    I'd imagine someone had a nice chunk of change into the tooling and it'll be modified to make it fit better and the we'll see these eventually. I just hope they get it right.
  15. Matt Knutson

    Matt Knutson Well-Known Member

    I remember that eBay auction and seeing th RDOT sticker and the bar code + sku # sticker. The sku # returned nothing in a search. It's a shame these deep pocket investors won't / don't put out feelers for nos parts for templates rather than "good used" parts that they have available. I figured that that one was a prototype.
  16. jflang

    jflang New Member

    Fronts are available now
    Saw them in the new Street Rodder in the Golden State ad
    Listed at The Parts Place

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