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    RDBSONS3 67 Skylark,350 transplant

    Hi Guys I am currently running a Quadrajet carb on my Buick 350 stock and its been rebuilt twice and still floods out all the time, I want to change out the carb and would like your advice on what to do, I have not found any new spread bore carbs and would like to stick with a spread bore so I do not need an adapter plate. can anyone throw some advice my way. something easy to install that would not need modification, since I am a backyard mechanic or unless I can have some one in my area install one that wont break the bank.

    I am in Minnesota.

    Thank you
  2. carmantx

    carmantx Never Surrender

    I'd first say, don't give up on the quadrajet, it is a great carburetor when built right.

    Who did your "rebuild". And was it done correctly. Lots of people can put a kit in a carb, but that won't get the job done these days. There are so many things that need to be done that are not in a store bought kit and the parts are junk.
  3. gsx455-4ever

    gsx455-4ever Gold Level Contributor

    Stick with the Quadrajet and talk to Mark. He does Excellent work at reasonably prices and quickly.
  4. rtanner

    rtanner Well-Known Member

    demons, new thermoquad style carberator is outstanding, small primaries and big secondarys, adjustable air flap, just like qjet, larger bowl capacity, electric choke, nephew put a polished one on his 460 ford, ive got a phenolic bowl one on my 455 pontiac, needles and seats work well w todays alcohol mixed gas, and the accelerator pump is made of a non shrinking material, you can get one on line at advance auto w a 50 dollar off coupon for like 285, google new demon thermoquad, DO NOT BUY a edelblock!!!

    DEADMANSCURVE my first word : truck

    what style fuel pump are you using and what is your fuel pressure ?
    year of motor ? and maybe list your carb part# ( verticle number right behind the throttle linkage hookup . or could maybe be on a small round tag , driver side of carb ) . may not make a dif concerning your problem but good to know . throw a couple pics up , sometimes there will be a vac hookup or linkage problem someone may spot ?

    MARTIN FARMER Well-Known Member

    7042240 QUADRAJET (800cfm 1972) for 455s runs lean & runs Great on 350s

    RDBSONS3 67 Skylark,350 transplant

    Is this for sale

    RDBSONS3 67 Skylark,350 transplant

    I Am running a mechanical fuel pump stock. also I spliced a rubber fuel line hose on the fuel line cause It bent and cracked would this be causing issues also How can I check my fuel pressure?


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