new to site seeking info to find my 68 skylark

Discussion in 'Lost and Found' started by mike yelman, May 25, 2020.

  1. mike yelman

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    thanks for taking me into this group. i have been trying to find my 68 skylark for over 20 years. the only documentation i have is a copy of the trade in info from the dealer in hartford conn in 1973. it was jack o'keefe chevrolet and as far as i can see, they no longer exist. my father bought the car new in 68 from wn leahman buick in miami fla. the vin number is 43578h296589. if anyone can tell me how locate it,or even find out if it still exists, i would be much appreciative. my email is i would be so happy to find it, buy it, and have it restored to new, but i know the chances are slim. thanks is advance for any advice.

  2. Brad Conley

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    Hi Mike, I wish you the best in your search but I think you are 1 digit short in the VIN. I believe it should be 435378H296589 (the 4th digit could be a 6 if it were a convertible). Best of luck in your search!

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