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Discussion in 'A boatload of fun' started by major_mitt, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. major_mitt

    major_mitt Kiwi Buick

    Hey guys, just put these on. I rekon they look awesome as.

    20" Alloy Technologies chrome wheels

  2. 64Electra225

    64Electra225 Highway Bomber

    Nice car :beers2:
  3. racenu

    racenu Well-Known Member

    looking good, and i see you have the rare cornering lights, sweet...Gord
  4. major_mitt

    major_mitt Kiwi Buick

    They don't work though. :pp
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  5. theone61636

    theone61636 Well-Known Member

    Great lookingcar...except for those rims. Sorry man, but they need to go. But hey, to each their own.
  6. Bad Boattail

    Bad Boattail Guest

    The design of the rims is nice, but I think that anything over 18 inch is too big for a Riviera.
    But you're happy with the new look of your car, and that's all that counts :TU: !!
  7. major_mitt

    major_mitt Kiwi Buick

    It's kind of the trend in New Zealand. To put anything less than 20" would be considered not worth it :D
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  8. Bad Boattail

    Bad Boattail Guest

    People are also following that trend here in the Netherlands, even in the conservative province of Zeeland where your country is named after :cool:
  9. Drewriviera

    Drewriviera Active Member

    Take those off PLEASE!! Looks like you had a VERY nice car to start with. Anything over 15-17" looks like it's straight out of the ghetto to me...
  10. doug adkins

    doug adkins love my Buicks

    Don't let these negative responses get you. Its your car do what you want. understand that you exsposed yourself to people that don't know when to keep thier mouths shut. I was told that if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all.:bglasses:
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  11. Phatteddie

    Phatteddie Well-Known Member

    X2 :cool:
  12. Bad Boattail

    Bad Boattail Guest

  13. Rob_Gray

    Rob_Gray Well-Known Member

    Wheels are a sensitive subject in the old car realm. I agree with the opinion that it is your car so you need to do what makes you happy. I'm a stock guy who likes hub caps on my car, but that is not you. Go for it!
  14. major_mitt

    major_mitt Kiwi Buick

    Haha I'm not bothered at all :pp

    Culture is an awesome thing and the world would suck if we were all the same.

    People in the ghetto couldn't afford those my friend :cool:

    P.S I put them on for handling purposes too. We actually have corners in our roads :pp and the low profile tires make it actually stick to the road. Couldn't stand the feel of those 15" BALLOON TRUCK TIRES flopping round every time you turned the wheel. :D

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  15. batcar

    batcar Well-Known Member

    Quote, People in the ghetto couldn't afford those my friend :cool:

    I don't know about that.......they even have a web site. chevy.jpg
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  16. roostriz

    roostriz Well-Known Member

    Clean car... watch out for those potholes though!

    That wasn't very nice... hehe
  17. Tomsriv

    Tomsriv Well-Known Member

    I like the size. Rivieras have big wheel openings and you need a big tire or a big wheel to fill them. If you don't have whitewalls its a little to much tire for a 15". So I say 17-20 inch look good. I have been looking for something with 6 spokes so you don't see through them as much.
    I'm picky about offset. It looks like your wheels are the kind you often see on Suburbans and chevy trucks. They look good, but a deeper dish would be perfection. Like it was said above, everyone has strong opinions on wheels.
  18. 68 LeSabre 4dr

    68 LeSabre 4dr Well-Known Member

    Your only here once !!!! It's your Riv my friend ... Enjoy your new wheels !

  19. Drewriviera

    Drewriviera Active Member

    People in ghettos could not afford them? People in our ghettos up here all have those. They put them on worn out Chevys, Buicks and Olds. They will go lean on food for weeks to buy them. I know, because they keep stopping me trying to buy my Riv to put those on it. It makes me sick thinking about someone raping my car like that.
  20. Bad Boattail

    Bad Boattail Guest

    After they have bought it from you, it's no longer your car.
    So what's the problem :Do No: ?

    Ask a ridiculous high price, if they still want to buy it:
    Cash the money and buy something better :TU: !

    In previous posts you told us that you want to convert your 1966 Riviera with a 4 speed manual gear box.
    To a lot of people that's also "raping a car".....

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