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Discussion in 'A boatload of fun' started by major_mitt, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. breakinbuick11

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    Im usually not a fan of any wheel over 18 but I like your car with 20s alot
  2. BWINN519

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    WOW !! So much negativity. Looks nice to me. In my opinion, If it comes stock or factory option on a nissian or Toyota, "it's not big enough for my car, then". 20's are perfect for a 3000+ size car.
  3. Camilla

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    I'm in favor of any mods that don't cause someone to permanently violate an otherwise classic car. If you bought this car from him (not that he'd ever sell it) you could easily change back to the stock wheels if you so desired. So I say, go for it. They aren't entirely my cup of tea, but they look all right on this car. :Smarty:
  4. theone61636

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    I don't mind the size of the tires, I just don't like the design. You're taking a new age design rim and putting it on a classic car. It just doesn't match IMO. The chrome on the wheels looks better than the rest of the chrome, that's another reason why i don't think they go well.
    I would also disagree with the statement that people in the ghetto couldn't afford these. Big rims have been all the craze here in the US for many years now and it never ceases to amaze me the qulaity of rims and tires people put on otherwise ****ty cars. Rims are a sign of status for some reason so that and a loud system are usually the first mods for anyone reguardless of social standing.
    I would love to have some 17" - 20" replica Buick Ralley rims, but the only ones i know of are the 17's by Wheel Vintiques and they're almost 700 a rim, which is NOT worth it to me. Function is more important than looks to me.
    But like i said, it's you're car so as long as you like it that's all that matters.
    On a side note, how did the cars handling, breaking and overall ride quality change with tires this large?
  5. major_mitt

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    Your not wrong. That picture from down below doesnt do it much justice. They have a 0 offset and have an enormous dish prob >3 inches. You are right they are primarly designed for big American trucks but they fill up my wheel wells quite nicely.

    The chrome on my factory rims was nackered and would have cost more than those wheels and tires to rechrome. I still have them under the house and am not stupid enough to just discard them.
  6. V8TV

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    Could you post a couple more pics? I'm interested in seeing how the offset / size combination works with the wheel openings and such. Nice car!
  7. major_mitt

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    Hi Guys,

    I’m going through a number of my old posts to document some changes to my car over the years.

    I ended up selling to cheapo 20” wheels. The Riv is back on the factory steel wheels with some new Cooper Cobra tires.

    With the popularity of “Roadkill”, the car has a lot more character with the ratty chrome wheels to match the ratty chrome bumpers.

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  8. pbr400

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    I like the road wheels a lot better! Nice car! I’m interested in the roof-I’m guessing that, during the ‘70s-‘80s T top craze an aftermarket set was installed. I wouldn’t do it to a car today but I bet they’re enjoyable. Can I see more pics of it?
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  9. 1969RIVI

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    Yeh more T-top pics!on and off if you can. Also don't let the "purists" kill your vibe on rim selection here's a pic of the 18" rims on my car, you should see the dirty looks I get from some guys at the car shows I just grin at them and think in my head "that's right old timer, I'm pissing you off aren't I" :D:cool: it's my car if you don't like it don't look at it then.

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