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    It sounds like an easy fix though. Look at drilling the spot welds out as "unbolting". That is all you are doing, "unwelding" those spot welds. If you get a WIVCO ( has them) bit it is almost flat and you can "remove" the weld on the top layer only in nothing flat. Just drill off all those spot welds across the top and It sounds like the top of the fender will "want" to be up where it belongs. I would think (as mentioned earlier I have never came across this, thus I have never repaired it) that you can measure off a fender that is correct and then match that on your NOS one and then clamp it back into place with a long Vicegrip C clamp and plug weld the holes from where you "removed" the weld.

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    Basically you should be able to make some "spacer block" from small pieces of wood, or paint stick pieces glued together and quickly sanded to the needed thickness using 80 fit an original correct fender. Then transfer them over to the NOS fender and press the skin down onto the blocks and clamp it all together. Then let the sparks fly! :laugh:
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    this was a great topic, i have a 71 with exactly the same problem on both sides. I haven't owned the car for very long but it has been bothering me. The fenders looked flat compared to the hood and I was considering pushing down the hood but not any more, thanks very much. Gord Martin
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    What about ?

    What about the Hood rubber stop on the Radiator support and the Firewall top mounted hood stop ? Is it possible their adjusted too high ? After reassembly of my 71 GS I had to go back and lower the passanger side hood. It had the same long raised area along the hood edge. Also at the top of the fender where it bolts to the firewall top there were several factory shims that went under the fender mount to raise it, Right in front of the windshield. If there is a curve problem with the fender top this of course would not be a total fix. SOUNDS LIKE YOU HAVE PLEANTY OF HELP FROM MEMBERS WITH OR HAVE HAD THE SAME PROBLEM. I guess comparison or the old and new fenders is the first step ? After looking at the pics. more is thet fender top center pulled down flat at the hood edge ? If so very well could be welded wrong and need repositioning. Still a great looking ride. OH YEA , DONT BEND THE HOOD. You will have a worse problem, and their too hard to get.
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