NOS Trunk Weatherstrip.

Discussion in 'Ebay Parts and Cars' started by Doo Wop, Feb 25, 2019.

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    That is one of AMES ID's on ebay. Actually, that's not the best, but the last generation of the latex GM made. It's also a shorter length than the earlier stuff that was 24 feet. I've got a box or 2 of that stuff hiding in my garage someplace. I think they are like 13 feet in that box. Joparts (TPP) has a lot of that stuff, he's been selling it for years on ebay. AMES is about 10 miles from one of my houses. He's got barns full of NOS stuff. Pallets and pallets of 60's + 70's Buick stuff. I've seen the inside of his stash a few times. So much stuff, he can't sell it in his lifetime!
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    Who is this Ames?
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    Mike, that's Steve's old company that he started. It's been sold for a while now, but retains his name and he still has some interest in it. Back in the late 70's, GM dealers started closing and reducing their inventories. For example, when the Oldsmobile dealers started closing, they would have auctions of the old shelf stock. They would just pile all the stuff into bins, and pile it on pallets and auction it off. I had a friend that would go and buy pallets of stuff like that. He had an obsolete Olds warehouse in RI. Many of the GM dealers that were closing were like BOPCC dealers. He would pick out the Olds parts, and the other parts he didn't want he would re-pile them on pallets and resell the pallets. All the Chevy stuff he had a buyer for, Steve Ames would come down to RI and buy the rest. At the same time, Steve was going to auctions and buying, too. Both Steve and Joe from TPP were aggressively advertising for, and buying up GM NOS stuff. Many guys here are too young to know about this. This was like 40+ years ago. They were running ads in Hemmings, local papers, old car magazines, at car shows and swap meets, and word of mouth. Steve, Joe, my friend, Fusick...all these guys know each other well, and all have massive amounts of NOS still. The funny thing is, nobody really gave a crap about NOS Buick stuff. There was a guy in Lowell MA, there were a few small Buick NOS dealers. I've owned 4 GTO's, I was doing business with Ames when he started. Before he became big and nationally well known. Sold the GTO's and dropped out of the hobby. Bought a 442 and got back in. Because I knew Ames and they were close to me, began buying stuff for the 442 from them. If I called to order, they would give me a hard time and say they only sold Pontiac Parts. When I bought my Buicks, I would call Fusick and they would tell me they only sold Oldsmobile parts. Now, they are all digging out their Buick NOS stuff and selling it on ebay. Both Fusick + Ames are starting Buick catalogs. None of them even know what they have, there's no inventory of Buick parts. Here's an article about Ames. The room in the picture I've been in multiple times. He has buildings full like that. Stuff is everywhere. Now he's retired and collects super low mile cars. He has bought some of the rare and lowest mile cars in the country, like the "new" Cameo P/U truck that broke records a few years back.
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