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Discussion in 'Lost and Found' started by sporty-to-GN, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. sporty-to-GN

    sporty-to-GN Well-Known Member

    In an effort to fill in some background to my car, does anyone recognize the Stage 1 in my avatar? Originally bought from Ballenger Buick in Laurel MD, lived in DC during the late '70s-early '80's. Very slim opted, bench seat, base steering wheel, no ac.
    Slim to no chance, I know. But worth a shot.
  2. Single Stage

    Single Stage Stage 1?

    need more year the car is and any other info you might have. Is that bittersweet mist?
  3. sporty-to-GN

    sporty-to-GN Well-Known Member

    Its a Bittersweet '71 Stage 1. I bought in D.C. in 1988 from Victor G. Stewart, and I still have it. Production date is 9/2/70. I believe it came with a am/fm radio (Bld Sht # AA R), a basic 2 spoke plastic steering wheel (3J), quick ratio steering box (P), and base steel wheels w/center caps? (3)

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