Oh man, is this slick! ('65 Pontiac)

Discussion in 'The Bench' started by Brian Albrecht, Jun 28, 2020.

  1. Brian Albrecht

    Brian Albrecht Gold Level Monkey

    My favorite "Hot Wheels" application yet

    tumblr_94deb7152a00648808af242acd39a0ed_acf36f33_1280.jpg tumblr_fd8b9c4d10d371d7ec88def443a531f6_778f28df_1280.jpg tumblr_ab5b3e3b49b9a8a75d119169d952fefb_85bb8ea7_1280.jpg tumblr_7569bce904d17fd36f929ce64ff26ffd_35ffd64b_1280.jpg
  2. BYoung

    BYoung Stage me

    Can’t argue with you. Bad looking ride there.
  3. Chi-Town67

    Chi-Town67 Gold Level Contributor

    WOW! That's BADASS!
  4. Chi-Town67

    Chi-Town67 Gold Level Contributor

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  5. Starc Traxler

    Starc Traxler Well-Known Member

    Thats one bad a__ car! Mercury Racing 7.0 engine based off a LS block
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  6. rkammer

    rkammer '71 GS455 Arctic White

    Loved that car until I saw under the hood. Wish they had restored it original.
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  7. sriley531

    sriley531 Buckle up, this could get rough....

    That's too cool for school. Dig it!
  8. gs66

    gs66 Silver Level contributor

    Some neat full size 4 speed cars coming up at Mecum Indy. I like this one too.
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  9. OHC JOE


    I have seen this car it's bitchin that's it
    I walked around it four times at least kept seeing new things that were done
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  10. dynaflow

    dynaflow shiftless...

    ...quite the one-off:cool:...
  11. Brian Albrecht

    Brian Albrecht Gold Level Monkey


    While I may personally may have entertained a high end Poncho, stock just doesn't fit the new personality they've created in this car. We could probably agree that a driving experience with the current drivetrain is far more likely to put a smile on your face than a 338 h.p. AFB fed 421.

    Don't even start with the brakes. LOL
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  12. 1972Mach1

    1972Mach1 Just some guy.....

    If anyone doesn't know what that engine is in the car, look it up before writing it off. It may be LS based, but it's pretty much just the block. Dual overhead cam heads and all kinds of cool tech. I can't think of a better power plant to have in something like this car. I wouldn't change a thing.
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  13. Horsman

    Horsman Well-Known Member

    Someone spent some big bucks on that build. Nicely done.
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  14. PaulGS

    PaulGS Well-Known Member

    A neighbor of mine had that car brand new.....421 tripower and a 4 speed.

    It had giant BALLS for a big car!
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  15. Mike B in SC

    Mike B in SC Well-Known Member

    My mom's old boyfriend had a '62 Ford Galaxie 406 tri-power 4 speed back in the day. He said one night he lined up on Woodward against a new Catalina 421 tri-power 4 speed. The Catalina beat him so bad he said he traded the Ford for one the next day! And he worked for Ford at the time.
  16. lemmy-67

    lemmy-67 Gold Level Contributor

    nice, but wheels are a little donk-ish for me...where's the lambo doors & the flat panel TV screens?
  17. Chi-Town67

    Chi-Town67 Gold Level Contributor

    That's the only thing I don't really like about this car. It's cool that they stayed true to the "8-lug" design but I don't care for the size they chose. They would have looked killer as 18's or maybe 19's tops IMHO. I still LOVE that car, big wheels and all.
  18. OHC JOE


    You guys are crazy on the wheels
    Big car
    Big wheels nice n fat tires with a low stance
    And he paid a but load I'm sure to have those made the car is plain ol BAD ASS
  19. 1972Mach1

    1972Mach1 Just some guy.....

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  20. Chi-Town67

    Chi-Town67 Gold Level Contributor

    Wheel size is VERY subjective! Too big for me, not so big to you. And the beat goes on..............
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