Oil passage to rocker shaft

Discussion in ''Da Nailhead' started by Bigpig455, Jun 1, 2019.

  1. Bigpig455

    Bigpig455 Fastest of the slow....

    Can someone take a look at a bare head and tell me the size of the oil passage where it junctions in to the rocker shaft bolt hole? Thanks!
  2. telriv

    telriv Well-Known Member


    When I drill that passage for a set screw I use a #7 drill before I tap it for a 1/4" set screw. So it is slightly smaller than 1/4" to begin with.
    I would say it starts out as 7/32nds. or slightly smaller.
    What kind of problem are you experiencing??? Still lifters ticking above 2500 RPM's???

    Tom T.
  3. Bigpig455

    Bigpig455 Fastest of the slow....

    Hey Tommy!
    Ill give you a call in the AM. Ive still got issues with lifter oiling.
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  4. telriv

    telriv Well-Known Member

    I should be home by 9am give or take.
  5. doc

    doc Well-Known Member

    what kind of issues..... ?????
  6. Bigpig455

    Bigpig455 Fastest of the slow....

    well thats a long story but I thought some mods Tommy and I had done were allowing oil pressure to bypass the lifter galleys. It wasnt the case.

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