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Discussion in 'Members Rides' started by upstaged, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. upstaged

    upstaged Well-Known Member

    Last ride of the year, today!! Only about 5 miles but boy do I love a 4-speed big block. Always have and I always will. Regards, Upstaged in SW Michigan.:cool:
  2. GSX1

    GSX1 GSX1

  3. rkammer

    rkammer '71 GS455 Arctic White

    That's one beautiful car. I can't imagine having to put a car into storage and not be able to drive it all year long. So glad to be living in Central Florida. :TU:
  4. 68TriShield

    68TriShield Have a Cigar!

    Love the plates..Go Spartans lol...
  5. Briz

    Briz Platinum Level Contributor

    Amen brother!
  6. upstaged

    upstaged Well-Known Member

    Last ride of the year today ( with the top down!!!). 75 degrees and I am truly amazed (still) about a big block 4-speed drop top with my sweetie instructing me to slow down, slow down. Regards, Upstaged in SW Michigan.:Brow:
  7. Briz

    Briz Platinum Level Contributor

    I was crusing around Jackson Michigan early this week. Judging by all the looks I was getting it was to late in the season for a nice car to be on the streets. Didnt see any other classics out and about. Glad to be back in sunny Fla!
  8. upstaged

    upstaged Well-Known Member

    Happy & safe / prosperous 2013 to all here on the board. I have to work tomm. for 12 hours to make those megawatts but it is my chosen career and it helps to "feed" my Buick habit. Regards, Upstaged in SW Michigan.:)
  9. upstaged

    upstaged Well-Known Member

    This Friday is March ,1 2013. Come on Spring !!! Regards, Upstaged in SW Michigan:)
  10. vonwolf

    vonwolf Silver Level contributor

    Did your car spend any time in Grand Blank Mi around 76 or 77?It looks just like GS owned by the family that move into our old house, absolutely gorgeous I loved it back then and still do
  11. upstaged

    upstaged Well-Known Member

    Pete, Funny you mention Grand Blanc. A neighbor of mine when I had a paper route (anyone remember those ?) had my "twin" car except an auto on the column if I remember right. And yes, They moved to the Flint area with the GS. Overgaard was their last name. Reason I remember is they are one of the few who gave me my well deserved Christmas bonus. Most of the homes on my route had 300 foot driveways and everyone wanted their paper by the front door. And this was with pedal power, no less !!! And yes, I love the color combo, especially with 3 pedals. Regards, Upstaged in SW Michigan.:TU:
  12. upstaged

    upstaged Well-Known Member

    Went for the first "ride" of the year today. Only about 1 hour but top down, 4-speed big block and warm for Michigan. :) I have been working alot, 60 hours per week but Stage 1 therapy is the only way to go.Regards, Upstaged in SW Michigan.
  13. upstaged

    upstaged Well-Known Member

    I hope to be going to Gilmore's Buick B:laugh:ash on Sept. 7th with My Stage 1. Anyone else planning to attend? Regards, Upstaged in SW Michigan.
  14. Mjackson

    Mjackson Well-Known Member

    Great car, great job.

    Go State!
  15. upstaged

    upstaged Well-Known Member

    Now in heated storage for the Winter, along with my 72 GS 350 droptop. We got 17 inches of snow two days ago !:eek2: It should melt this weekend but it is November in Michigan. Regards, Upstaged in SW Michigan.
  16. Mjackson

    Mjackson Well-Known Member

    Simply Awesome! I especially like the engine compartment.

    GO STATE!!!

  17. Lee Bacon

    Lee Bacon Well-Known Member

    Ok so what other cars??
  18. gs66

    gs66 Silver Level contributor

    Very nice!
  19. GS Jim

    GS Jim Platinum Level Contributor

    I just got my new GS Plate. Plus the One from Ten Years ago.


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  20. upstaged

    upstaged Well-Known Member

    Lee Bacon, Some of them are posted here on the board. 1972 Skylark roller, 1998 Chevy Dually, 1959 Chevy Apache, very nice and a 1967 VW beetle which is also very, very nice. Ponch 65, Your plates look great. Alot of people have asked me about my Stage 1 plate, including law enforcement:laugh:. Regards, Upstaged in SW Michigan

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