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Discussion in 'Color is everything!' started by 67buickva, Sep 29, 2004.

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    Im getting ready to roll my car into the body shop. FINIALLY!!!! While its in there, I want to clean and repaint the trim pieces. All of the pieces are original to the car and are in need of some TLC. Since we have lost all the threads concerning Interior City and Color is Everything, I thought this should be reposted.

    So what I need is how to clean each of the parts and what type of paint to repaint them them.

    1. Headlight Bezel
    2. Hub caps with Skylark Emblem in the middle
    3. stainless steel trim
    4. chrome trim
    5. Buick Emblems (front grill and sail panels)
    6. Fender louvers

    Thanks a bunch. :bglasses:
  2. 67buickva

    67buickva Evil Kitty

  3. flynbuick

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    Stainless you remove dings , sand up through 3K , buff with rouge.

    Chrome you send to a plater. If you have never done stainless you may want to send it out.

    There is a place in Ga that restores hubcaps.

    If the emblems are pitted they will have to go to a pot metal retorer. It will lose detail in the process. I would try to find NOS or repros. It may be cheaper.

    To put the paint bnack in many dilute it and feed it into a recess with a dropper. The surface must be prepared if it has been just plated.

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