Part out 65 Buick special four door

Discussion in 'Car Part-Outs' started by neal martin, May 13, 2019.

  1. neal martin

    neal martin Well-Known Member

    car is complete except for rear bumper has been sitting for 10 years motor seized up 300 2 barrel v8 automatic trans non posi rear end interior cloth in not good condition car is located in snohomish county Washington state

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  2. PatricksBuick

    PatricksBuick PatrickBuick

    you could call this a no-barn find....
  3. Nailhead

    Nailhead Gold Level Contributor

    Interested in dash pad, and plastic surrounding the instrument cluster. Can you email photos and price---sending PM.
  4. gobuick

    gobuick Silver Level contributor

    Interested in grille, headlight buckets & rear tri shield emblem.
    I'll pm you.

  5. neal martin

    neal martin Well-Known Member

    I will get pictures on Wednesday car is not at my house and I wont have time till then the dash pad is in good shape it’s dark brown and the plastic piece is good I think the grill and headlight buckets are pretty good I’ll take a bunch of pics
  6. neal martin

    neal martin Well-Known Member

    Took some more pics

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  7. Bills72stage1

    Bills72stage1 Well-Known Member

    How much for the signal light actuator if good. Thanks. Bill
  8. Quick Buick

    Quick Buick Arlington Wa

    I sure would like to see that 66.
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  9. neal martin

    neal martin Well-Known Member

    I’ll take a look at it Saturday
  10. bigds65

    bigds65 Well-Known Member

    Front bumper with turn signals. Also interested in the set of long arm rest to.
    Sending PM
  11. jmos4

    jmos4 Well-Known Member


    How are the door panels?

  12. neal martin

    neal martin Well-Known Member

    Door panels are pretty bad shape
  13. Bills72stage1

    Bills72stage1 Well-Known Member

    Are you going to answer if you would sell the signal acuator or not might take whole steering column as long as it’s cheap and actuator is hood. Bill
  14. Quick Buick

    Quick Buick Arlington Wa

    I sent him a pm a week ago or so... He's out of town till after the 4th...
  15. neal martin

    neal martin Well-Known Member

    Sorry I did not respond sooner about the turn signal switch I have to pull the steering off to make sure if it is in good shape I won’t be back till July 5 I’ll try to get you an answer that weekend neal
  16. Nailhead

    Nailhead Gold Level Contributor

    Hi Neal,
    I would still like to get the parts.
  17. Bills72stage1

    Bills72stage1 Well-Known Member

    Me too we needed these as a gift you are a ways away lol. Bill
  18. BuickGS65

    BuickGS65 '65 Skylark/GS Enthusiast

    Looking for dated coded alternator & voltage regulator...

    Alternator should read:
    1100691 42A
    5A(then day of month) OR 5B(then day of month) Or 5C

    Voltage Regulator should read:
    1119515 5A, 5B or 5C

    Thank you
  19. philbquick

    philbquick Founders Club Member

    Interested in the hood scoops on the 66GS.
  20. Blue Wagon

    Blue Wagon Well-Known Member

    Inline on 66 hood scoops.

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