Parting 74 olds wagon

Discussion in 'Car Part-Outs' started by Demolition man, Sep 21, 2019.

  1. Demolition man

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    Parting 74 olds custom crusier wagon. Shares many parts with Buick estate wagons 71-76
    Roof rack,mirrors,trim, red interior, power windows. Body is spoken for.
    Also has good running 455.

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  2. newmexguy

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    Derby people are after those wagons. They apparently have beefier rear frame rails ('74-'76 models) and the wagons have heavy duty rear leafs, instead of the coil springs. Had a guy offer $2500 for this '74 Impala Wagon, but it was already in the U Pull It, and they weren't willing to pull it out. Of course, also they packed it in, the farthest back row. Did sell most of the front clip (to a derby supplier) and few other bits. If it was mine, would have pulled all the glass, the rear electric glass motor, and all related parts and trims. Believe the tail gate itself, crosses over among divisions '72 - '76, with the '71 being different for some reason.

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  3. Donuts & Peelouts

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    Yeah locally a 73 olds wagon that ran sold for 400 and was listed as as a derby car.

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