Parting '91 Olds Custom Cruiser

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  1. buickdreamin

    buickdreamin I need a new old car ...

    Bought my old car back to help my son rebuild his Roadmaster that was wrecked. Looking to sell parts we don't need to recoup some cash. If you have an interest in anything let me know and I will get pictures up. Delivery to the BPG Nationals is possible with a deposit and some gas money. Would rather not bring engine with me but ? Do have a video of it running before we started disassembly.

    Parts not available
    - glass
    - front end and hood
    - differential
    - front spindles
    - cargo lights
    - hitch
    - steering box

    Has 350 Chevy with 100,000 miles on it, runs great. Smokes a puff on start-up, looks like valve seals. I rebuilt and installed this engine when car had 78K miles on it. Engine is from an '87 or '88 truck, throttle body injected. Newer transmission. Engine and trans $600.
    Has 10 slot Oldsmobile wheels with center caps. $250
    Has power windows, all work
    Has power driver seat, also works fine. 60/40 split, blue velour interior.
    Cloth third seat
    All moldings are there except for passenger side front door
    Not much in the way of good sheetmetal, but we can check it out if you need something.

    Contact me for other parts or items. Thanks.

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