Pictures of 275/60/15 on 7" Rims

Discussion in 'The Hides' started by Cutlass, Nov 25, 2018.

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    Alright, here’s an example of 235/75/15 on a 15x6 rim. On any decent cornering, courtesy of the weight (4550) of this Riv, the sidewall wears and touches the pavement. Even at 40 psi
    A good example is the right rear tire at 40 psi

    The sidewall is on the ground in the first pic, loaded up with 700 pounds of cousins, so about 5100 lbs. 57C134F9-C56B-4578-97D6-C4F818C80191.jpeg

    The second pic is it sitting normally with no people inside

    I want to jump up to 275/60/15, when I can get the whole tire tread on contact with the ground all the time, even at higher psi like 35

    Would the added weight of the Riv prevent the whole car from riding on the middle contact patch of the tread, or am I dreaming?
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    I think a 6" rim is too narrow for a wider tire and a Riviera is too big a car for a 6" rim. You might try one size larger 70 series if available but I'd think the 275/60-15 would never hold 35psi and run with a full contact patch.
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