Please help identify where these go?

Discussion in 'Lost and Found' started by Matthewjhigg, Jul 4, 2015.

  1. Matthewjhigg

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    I have had a bad experience getting an engine put in my 1967 Buick Skylark. The installers were way over budget three weeks longer than they said and to top it off the car is still not running right. When I picked up the car it was leaking oil from the valve cover and the drain plug, two of the exhaust manifold bolts were finger tight. There are wires not hooked up and vacuum lines not hooked up. The funny part of the build was when they were having me buy parts because the car was out of gas and they did not realize it.

    I put a rebuilt Buick 350 with 10.25 compression and a small cam upgrade. On top I have a ta stage 1 intake with a rebuilt quadrajet carb. I might have some questions about turning and timing the car later but right now I want to figure out what is not connected and should be.

    I I have a vacuum line going towards my tranny tunnel that looks like it is not connected to anything.

    I have attached pics of the lines on my firewall that are just hanging there.

    I would love love any help I could get.
  2. gsfred

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    Did the car have AC. Looks like the lines that would go to the switch.
  3. Matthewjhigg

    Matthewjhigg Active Member

    Yes the car has factory ac but it is not hooked up, that is a project later this year.
  4. Mopar

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    Looks like climate control to me. The lines may have gone to vacuum somewhere on the engine, or more likely a vacuum line came from the engine and connected to vacumm tee on the fire wall and these lines then connected to the vacumm tee. Perhaps someone else could post a pic of their set up so you can have something to compare to.
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  5. Matthewjhigg

    Matthewjhigg Active Member

    Thank you for the help, if anyone could send me a pic how to hook this back up that would be great. I do remember a tree on my old engine but I do not have one on my new engine.

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