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  1. Rob Swenton

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    Hello everyone. Restoration of my GS 455 still ongoing. I have a new question about the POA valve on the evaporator housing. I am not sure that all of the parts I took off the car are original so I need your help identifying this. According to what I have read there are 2 types of POA valve for these GM cars and the only difference is the positioning of the ports?? Here is the one I pulled off my car. I am not sure if this is the correct type as the expansion valve was not mounted in the correct location, so that might have been because the ports were in the wrong position. Could someone please look at their GS and take some close up pictures for me so I can see the positioning of the ports. If the one I have is the wrong one then obviously I do not want to have it checked and rebuilt. Thanks

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  2. Rob Swenton

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    I also noticed that in the 70 manual on the A/C page is looks like the POA valve listed there is # 5910567??? Hard to read some of the numbers. I am sure of the 5910 part as all other POA valves start with those numbers, but the ones I see listed for sale or on pages that talk about these valves they say the numbers are 5910593 and 5910594. Is the number in the manual correct?
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    Yours is the Frigidaire POA valve that is correct for a 70-71. They had 2 types with ports angled in different locations. Below is a picture of one from a 71 GS.

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