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    Posting Policies. Please Read Before Posting!!!!

    1. Post a car being parted out. Include a full description of the car. You must also include no less than 6 exterior pictures and 6 interior pictures. If listing specific items that are available, those items should be priced in the first post.

    2. Post a location of the item.

    3. Interested parties post which items they are interested in.

    4. Sellers, work with the interested parties to complete the sale, in the order that they showed interest in your item. Reply with a price on the items listed by the interested buyer. This interest must be shown with a public reply to your thread, Personal Messages (PM's) or emails are not acceptable communication requirements for "getting in line" to purchase an item. We suggest 48 hours as an acceptable time period to allow interested parties to contact you by post.

    5. If the first user who responds to your ad does not complete the sale, you move onto the second person who responded, and so on and so forth down the list, until the item is sold. This list is dictated solely by the public replies to your ad.

    6. You will not accept other offers or negotiate outside of these guidelines.

    7. Under NO circumstances will there be ANY BIDDING on these items. Any prices posted to anyone interested will be used in the remainder of the sale unless LOWERED in order to make the sale. No exceptions!

    8. You will not refuse to sell the item to anyone, for any reason, unless a moderator or the board administrator is involved and Ok's the denial.
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