Powermaster 9000 Power Max Plus Starter

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    I'm selling a super clean Powermaster 9000 Power Max Plus Starter. This starter will not fit Buick engines but will fit the Buicks that came with Chevy engines or your Chevy powered rig that hauls your Buick. It fits Chevy with 153 tooth flywheel or flexplate. This starter is good up to 14:1 compression. It features 170 ft. lbs. of torque. 1.9 HP, 1.4-kw, 3.7:1 gear reduction, and weighs 10.5 lbs. It has 4 clocking positions for various mounting clearance. It comes with 2-mounting shims, 2-bolts, instructions and original box. This starter was only used to test run an engine so it is in "Like New Condition".

    Online new it sells for $165.00, .... I am asking


    $130.00 Plus Shipping.

    101_5073.JPG 101_5070.JPG 101_5072.JPG 101_5071.JPG 101_5069.JPG

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    Bluzilla a.k.a. "THE DOCTOR"



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