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Discussion in 'Pro-Touring' started by breakinbuick11, Apr 1, 2018.

  1. breakinbuick11

    breakinbuick11 Platinum Level Contributor

    Rear is together an ready for installation. I couldn’t be more impressed with the Ridetech and Baer components. Installation is so easy. I had new bearings pressed in the axles and longer wheel studs installed. The only issue I had was breaking free the old lower shock mount studs. I used the 350 to anchor the rear down...

    Rear goes back in Thursday.

    8435CD72-E35C-4D7C-8A9A-6136E4E9F315.jpeg 9FF6D649-EC40-4105-A93A-5DB842E844D3.jpeg 177565C2-C64C-4A05-9505-2C4988DD149F.jpeg 4C6EBA7B-B552-4A04-A67F-34118261233B.jpeg
  2. breakinbuick11

    breakinbuick11 Platinum Level Contributor

    That was the easiest rear end installation I’ve ever done. Ridetech’s kit is great to work with. I’m hoping to get it outside and wash it over the next few days. I need to get the stance better and play with the coil overs. Brake lines are next and then onto the engine.

    0E8AB84D-5F22-42DE-BA17-F10F5EBEFE60.jpeg 6A1F26CB-0E8D-4A50-BBDB-3ABB78076BD4.jpeg 2BBE6453-2B65-487F-AA4C-971E4996F0C5.jpeg
  3. Taulbee2277

    Taulbee2277 Silver Level contributor

    Gotta love true bolt-on parts! Looking really good on the new set of wheels and tires.
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  4. moleary

    moleary GOD Bless America

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  5. breakinbuick11

    breakinbuick11 Platinum Level Contributor

    Love this car. Thinking about blacking out a stage 2 hood until I can get it painted aquamist and the wheels powder coated. Thoughts?
    F6B0A45C-A77C-47AB-B6D4-7528F570D91C.jpeg B4336909-737B-4F40-B0A7-707004972B9C.jpeg C2670CC0-D9E9-4A8B-B3A7-1938F54D6542.jpeg E2ECB4EE-F816-4E55-8EC0-533283E70574.jpeg
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  6. Jeff Peoples

    Jeff Peoples Platinum Level Contributor

    Looking Good! I think the blacked out hood could be very cool. Or you could just black out the high part of the hood, like a GSX.
  7. breakinbuick11

    breakinbuick11 Platinum Level Contributor

    Good thought Jeff. From a cost perspective, I am going to go the all black route for now. I’m going to go the hood pin route too for an added “day-two” effect.

    The wheels are awesome, by the way! Right now I have the 275s installed with no spacers and I think I may survive. The 315s make the car in my opinion.
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  8. alvareracing

    alvareracing Well-Known Member

    very nice!
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  9. redsixty9

    redsixty9 Platinum Level Contributor

    Your car is coming along nicely. Looks really good.
  10. ilikebmx999

    ilikebmx999 Well-Known Member

    If you want something a bit more modern, quick latch hood latches look pretty awesome
  11. MGCslugger33

    MGCslugger33 Back in Buick

    very cool.
  12. breakinbuick11

    breakinbuick11 Platinum Level Contributor

    Stripped the smog stuff off the donor motor. It’s a 74 455 and will only be getting a B4B and headers for now. Engine upgrades aren’t in the budget yet. It will still be a fun cruiser. I plan on getting it to Harrisburg and installed in a few weeks.

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  13. breakinbuick11

    breakinbuick11 Platinum Level Contributor

    Still plugging away. Most of the work hasn’t been picture worthy. Bent up a complete set of custom brake lines. A PITA, but worth the effort. I also trimmed the rear wheel lips to add extra clearance for the 315s. I will trim the wheel well mouldings to match.

    I pushed the car out Sunday to clean out the garage and wasn’t antipating snow. Hey Tom- when is the last time this thing saw snow???

    Onto the 455. Small change of plans. Instead of throwing on an intake and going, I’m going to put a cam and rebuilt 70 non stage heads to get a little more power out of it. My goal is to get it ready for installation by the end of the month. We’ll see..
  14. breakinbuick11

    breakinbuick11 Platinum Level Contributor

    2C9A1376-1631-4413-8B11-39DA8E0D0F3A.jpeg 97044CED-B9FE-401A-8E62-0C08F81CF83D.jpeg 0DB7EB1B-AB5C-4015-9ED3-7508251ADBE2.jpeg CE4304FA-7BFD-4C98-BEA4-0A198CDA58B1.jpeg 362C5B66-162A-432A-A027-5F9FBF286B77.jpeg
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  15. breakinbuick11

    breakinbuick11 Platinum Level Contributor

    The plan to drop in a tired big block is now off the table. Getting a mild rebuild done on an SF 455. I’ll try and get everything else buttoned up in the car before then.
    F3FA4F94-E62B-4DEB-9777-D9F65BCF7A7C.jpeg F03AADAC-3977-4000-8B64-F996E6FDC2D8.jpeg 15EFF6A1-C17B-40EF-B834-969BD25B05C8.jpeg
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  16. pbulski

    pbulski Well-Known Member

    Ha! I've got a valve that looks just like that sitting on my garage shelf. The reason the engine was rebuilt.

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