pulled into the local gas station

Discussion in 'The Bench' started by BuickGSXJuiced, Jan 25, 2003.

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    I pulled into to the local gas station after washing my truck, and what before my eyes would apear.............A....GN, so i get outa my trunk and say ( hey man nice GN ) he looked at me kinda funny and said thanks (he probably was surprized a young kid 19 like me knew that was a gn and NOT A MONTE)........the we made some small talk about what he's got done to the car and what he ran in the quater (14's........btw) he just got her painted and just got done from the car wash and was wiping it down as i pulled in. I also asked him if he ever got monte carlo compliments, and he said, "yeah i hate that ****", i told him yeah we get the same **** with the buicks to chevelles. then we talked about my car and all the **** im doing to mine, then i told him he should join this club, gave him the web-site, hopefully he joins, that was the highlight of the day:grin:

    I still bet he was suprized that a young kid like me knew his ****, that's always cool for me:grin:
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    Hey JOHN!!! You out there???
    You complained in the past about my so called ( colorful language) and how I discredited your aviatar. Are you going to send this guy a nastygram too?
    I know you're trying to be fair about this RIGHT? No affence to you buickGSXjuiced. This reminder is for someone else.


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