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  1. I have a 72 q-jet that I rebuilt myself. I read Cliff Ruggles book 3 times and watched dozens of clips on y-tube. I thought this carb would kick ass but I have failed. When I put it on a Edelbrock intake it at first wouldn’t take in gas finally got it to fill fuel bowl and it started but ran full out no letting up. I now realize this was too much for me to accomplish. I have heard that Rob Ross knows his ****! I you can help me send a PM.
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    Rob is great to work with and is great on carbs and other engine items. The problem is if he has the time to do it.
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    Ken from Everday Performance is easy to work with and he gets stuff done in a week or two. He's also a board sponsor.
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    Just pm me and we can discuss what you need/want.
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  6. Rob,
    Thanks for taking the time to listen. I have a 70 350 SP block bored over .030 a poston S-Divider 350 intake Poston GS 350-112 cam lift I-510 e-518 duration i-288 e-300 open i-36 e-86 close i-72 e-34 hi-rev lifters. Trans Muncie M-20 with hurst 4 speed. 3.73 gears in rear. I’m just wanting to get good dependable carb. My motor is being cleaned up and going to be put back in. In have a chevy 400 short block in the car now and that’s what my rebuild was tested on. First couldn’t get fuel finally filled fuel bowl and it started but is high reving and I can’t get it to idle normally. My build was a bust.
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    Do you have a carb now? If so, what is the part number?
  8. Yes I do 7043244 LD 2972
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    Ok, good, pm me with questions when you're ready. Thank you.
  10. FB45A884-C350-45CE-AA6A-A56261B15DAC.jpeg B58BEA7B-37D8-44E2-AC90-8684DE59BE10.jpeg FB45A884-C350-45CE-AA6A-A56261B15DAC.jpeg FB45A884-C350-45CE-AA6A-A56261B15DAC.jpeg B58BEA7B-37D8-44E2-AC90-8684DE59BE10.jpeg
    Do you think you can look at it to see what I screwed up? Everything in it is new. If so what is your address? I know you don’t no what to charge until you s
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    I sent you a PM.
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    I have a 72 q-jet that I rebuilt myself. I read Cliff Ruggles book 3 times and watched dozens of clips on y-tube

    You have a flooding issue. Lots of reasons this happens. Hooking the "clip" on the needle into one of the holes on the float arm is the first thing to check.

    I see LOTS of carbs leaking at the gasket under the seat from folks not cleaning that surface well or having damage to the sealing surface. I also see a good many "doubled up" as folks fail to remove the old one as it has a good habit of sticking pretty hard to the casting.

    Using chitty parts or the wrong parts is another issue I see. Most of the work I do these days is going back thru carburetors that just got rebuilt or restored elsewhere. It's always the same thing, lack of attention to detail, incorrect settings and installing the wrong parts or low quality parts.

    Not sure if Youtube is a good source or not, some of the folks I see making Quadrajet rebuild videos on there need to keep their day jobs, but that statement goes for many other topics you'll see outlined on there as well....FWIW.....
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