Quadrajet - how do I attach the choke rod to the internal choke lever?

Discussion in 'The Mixing shop.' started by stab6902, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. stab6902

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    Hey guys,

    The choke on my stock 1972 Skylark 350-4 has never worked right so I got to looking at it yesterday. It turns out the choke rod is not attached to the internal choke lever.

    What do I need to do to get the choke rod back on the internal lever? Do I need to remove the whole carb and take everything apart? Hopefully not... if anyone has any tricks, please share. I messed with it for awhile last night (carb still in the car) and realized it's not going to be super easy.

    For reference, I am trying to put #31 into #33, hopefully without removing and disassembling the carb.

  2. techg8

    techg8 The BS GS

    I just use a flashlight to look down in there. Insert the rod sideways, align it with the hole in the lever and rotate the rod into the lever. Its easier than it seems. No need to remove the top of the carb.
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  3. stab6902

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    Thanks for the help Ken! The internal choke lever had actually fallen off the intermediate choke shaft, so it was just sitting in the bottom of that small compartment on the outside of the carb. I dug it out with some tweezers and put everything back together. It seems strange that there is no clip or anything to keep the intermediate choke shaft from backing out of the carb towards the passenger side.
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  4. lemmy-67

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    The screw (45) which holds the choke linkage assembly (47) to the side of the carburetor body is supposed to keep everything together. The assembly is supposed to have a retaining clip to keep the choke from backing out. Hooking up the choke rod to the lever can be tricky, but after a few times doing it becomes second nature.
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