Question 350 trans pan removal

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350 auto trans. pan removal

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  1. Nesmith

    Nesmith Well-Known Member

    All my years never did filter on this group 64-72 intermediate ( 70 skylark ) as it looks like you have to remove the cross member to get to rear pan bolts ! ok now what is the best way to support the trans with the mount out of the way ?? i don't the idea of using the drive shaft but will do if thats the only way thanks in advance
  2. telriv

    telriv Well-Known Member


    The rear bolts CAN be got at by using a 1/4" universal, 1/4"x 1/2" short socket, 1/4" x 3" or 6" extension & a 1/4" drive ratchet. IF the rear mount is N/G the rear of the trans. will be lower than it should be. THERE IS NO NEED TO REMOVE THE CROSS-MEMBER. If the rear mount sags that much it needs to be replaced anyways.
  3. LARRY70GS

    LARRY70GS a.k.a. "THE WIZARD"

    If you need additional clearance, you can loosen the two cross member to mount bolts (no need to remove them), then jack the back of the transmission up that much. I did this all the time with my 72 Skylark.
  4. TORQUED455

    TORQUED455 Well-Known Member

    Do yourself a favor - get a Duraprene gasket. They are cheap and they don’t leak like the cheapo cork gaskets do, or fall apart/squish out like those black ones do.
  5. Dwayne B

    Dwayne B Well-Known Member

    When I did my skylark last summer, I loosened the mount bolts all most all the way,and used A long pry bar to lift transmission up and stuck A wooden wedge in to hold it up,then I could get to the two pan bolts.
  6. Nesmith

    Nesmith Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys all good ideas looking at the trans mount it looks lower than it should plus the cross member rubber mounts are bad too so i figure to support the trans by the tork converter this should be a good strong point to replace the all these mounts
  7. telriv

    telriv Well-Known Member

  8. LARRY70GS

    LARRY70GS a.k.a. "THE WIZARD"

    All you need to do is put the jack under the transmission extension housing. Unscrew the two cross member to mount bolts about 3/4". Jack the tail of the transmission just enough to remove the weight off the cross member. Now you can replace the mount and end bracket/insulators at each end of the cross member. Don't lift it by the torque converter or you'll be starting another thread.:)
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  9. Nesmith

    Nesmith Well-Known Member

    Ok thanks for that advise waiting on the cross member insulators & trans. mount to come from ebay i guess the reason is the flex plate can't handle the weight and all this to change the oil, filter & put a pan on with a drain plug after 50 years of doing many other cars that never had lack of access ! but your never to old to learn ! Thanks guys

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