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  1. Little bit about myself as it is my first post. I live in yelm Wa. My name is Taylor. I have been building Chevrolets for awhile now working in shops and doing it in my own. Strangely enough I also have a landscape business. Brings in extra money for the cars etc. Anyways my favorite car has always been the 64 skylark and gto of the same era. However slightly liking the Buick a little more because I think the front end just looks better. I just picked up a 64 skylark last week with the 300/two speed powerglide. Now I'm asking not to be hated on to much because I'm planning on putting a SBC in the car. It's only because I have a fully built 327 that I built for a drag nova and decided to sell the nova. I have alot of work in the motor and want to use it in this car for that reason. I also have a rebuilt t10 trans I would like to use. I also have a th350 which i know is a direct fit but because I will be keeping this car instead of selling it I want it my way. I'm just Curious from you Buick guys before I just get into it whether I'll run into issues with the motor going in. I realize the SBC in a Buick has been done a million times so I'm not to worried about that. But what will it take to get the t10 to work. And what will I need to get to make sure the speedomter will still work. You guys will find this interesting. The car was in my old neighbors yard covered for 20 years and I never knew it and then he told me he was trying to sell it and I was all over it at that point. I'm going to do a full restomod and my build is after a reliable powerful showable weekend driver.
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    Just do it man anything with a four speed is good with me , when the Chevy blows go BBB and never look back!! :)
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    Congrats on acquiring your Buick. :TU: I installed a Buick 455 in my Chevy truck, so that will offset you putting a Chevy motor in your Buick.:bla: But no worries. To install the 4 speed transmission you will need the clutch/brake pedal assembly for a GM A body of that vintage. You will also need a bell housing, flywheel, clutch, throw out bearing, clutch fork, clutch linkage (bell crank and pivots and mounts), and transmission mount. You may be able to use the current transmission cross member, but not sure on that. You will most likely need to move the crossmember fore or aft as well... not sure which--you will have to measure.:Do No: You also will need to make sure you have the correct slip yoke to fit the t10, and the driveshaft will need to be modified for the correct length. As for the speedometer gear, there are several web sites that can tell you the exact one to get by plugging in transmission, gear ratio, tire size, etc....just can't think of the web addresses off hand. I once had a Hurst shifter that was solid, and I would recommend one of those. Oh, and you will need to cut a hole in the floor for the shifter. Measure carefully (cut once, measure twice:Smarty:). For a cleaner installation, you might want to get a steering column without the automatic shifter hardware. One thing to keep in mind, the SBC is about 100 pounds heavier than a SBB, so beefier front springs may be needed. If you were close by, I would take the 300 SBB off your hands.:Brow: Good luck with the swap!
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    I don't think you can post pics yet, do you have a link to a website like fotki with pictures?

    Oh, and don't feel bad about putting that engine in your car, the one in my avatar had a 396/TH400 when I took that pic. :)
  5. Wow. See this is great. I figured I would get a bunch of hate like most forums have. Thanks guys. Its at my shop now but because I'm keeping this one I'll be working on it at y house so that's when I will take pics for you guys. Also, puddle you were very elaborate. I have done this stuff before so it doesn't come to news to me everything you said but it does remind me of everything involved. I do feel very welcomed and feel like you guys will support the build. Also when the Chevy blows if it does. I do have a stock SBB that needs to be gone through but I also have a stroked sbc 400. We will see.
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    Don't be too quick to exhale, your post is barely 12 hours old and perhaps the Chevy haters aren't up yet this morning but they'll find you, count on it. As for the post about blowing it up, I've had mine for 6 years, 13,000 miles or so, some of them pretty abusive, and 115 passes down the dragstrip and I haven't blown it up yet and it still has the same oil pressure it did when I installed it. So when it comes, ingore it. Some of it will be in fun and some of it will be deep seated hatred for Chevys but in the end it's your car.

    As far as swapping in the sbc, these cars are GM A-body cars so think of the car as a Chevelle with Buick sheet metal. Pretty much everything you need to will simply be `64-`67 Chevelle items like motor mounts and frame brackets, which is advantagous because the aftermarket industry has been very good to Chevelle owners so you'll be able to buy everything you need almost anywhere. The one item I think you'll have an issue with is the pedals. I'm not 100% sure of this but I don't believe Chevelle pedals will work. I am pretty sure he early Lemans/GTO pedals will and they are reproduced if you can't find any originals.

    Here is the website mentioned with all the formulas for calculating just about everything automotive. One thing I think will be an issue when you get to that point is rearend gearing. I assume your car still has the original rearend, which is probably a 2.78. You didn't mention if your T10 was close ratio or a wide ratio. I love the 327 but it's a little short on low end torque so if you have a close ratio trans it's not going to be a lot of fun to drive and you'll eventually want to step up in gears. A 327 loves rpm but there's a fine line performance and logic for street use.
  7. Hmmm. Chevelle parts. That's good to know. Also something to ponder I traded a tpi 305 to my brother today for his formula for his 350 SBB with 500 miles on a rebuild. I might end up going this way to avoid some headaches. At least for now. Pictures come the weekend after this weekend because I'm going to California for a week and a half. The 300 in the car is going be sold as will the powerglide. I have a possi rear end that I think came out of a gto which I like the sounds of
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    I put a 425 Nailhead in my Chevy truck, so we're one ahead! :TU:
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    I go along with the above. If you have the close-ratio T-10, you will need a lower rear axle ratio (which means crappy fuel economy). Most of the close-ratio T-10s came with around 3.78. My '79 Corvette came with this setup and was horrible on gas. I swapped the differential for a 3.36 which helped, but I swapped it again for a 3.08 which fixed the economy issue. The 'Vette had the L-82 350 which is much more of a torquer then the shorter-stroke 327. I think the 3.36 would be about right for you. If you have a wide-ratio T-10, then a 3.08 will probably work well. Obviously, if you are into drag racing, the 327 would like a lower ratio, but you will pay for it at the gas pump. There were literally dozens of gear ratios and gear sets offered for the T-10, but I don't know what, if any are still available. Frankly, unless you are into racing, I don't like the close-ratio T-10.
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    I'm surprised no one has told you the 2 speed trans in your Skylark isn't a powerglide. Maybe I missed it.

    Bob H.
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    Some of the early '64 stuff is a bit different than the late-64-66.... I think there were some different engine mounts and a 2-piece z-bar. But for clutch linkage, Buick V6 or 300 V8 parts would work, including bellhousing and pedals. You'll need a 300 or 350 flywheel.
    I think Chevelle pedals are nearly the same as Buick. Not sure if non-Buick z-bars will work.
  12. Haha. It's not a powerglide? Oh that's funny. I guess I probably spoke to soon on that knowing nothing about Buicks. I haven't even had time to look at the trans. I just figured it would have been like my old gto.
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    It's an ST300. Still a 2 speed automatic but technically not the same trans as a PG.
  14. Turns out I have one picture of the car. I'll see if I can post it here. You guys said I can't so I'll put it on photobucketc or something. Also sense I got the SBB now I am probably going that route. And i may end up going with a different trans as well.

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    John, the t10 and 327 were going to be for a drag nova which is why I had that pair as an option. The nova actually has a built powerglide now and small block 400 stroked to a 402. I have sense sold the car. But it ran 9's. Which it was only certified to run 10's so I still raced it for a bit playing with the timing so I would only run low 10's.
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