Red 67 GS400 Convertible getting painted

Discussion in 'The ragtop shop' started by chucknixon, May 22, 2018.

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    Nice work Chuck! Always interested to follow your exploits.
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    Beautiful Chuck!
    Is there enough time to get it pinstriped before you leave for Denver?
    Can't wait to see it all done.:cool:
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    Better quit posting and playing on the Interwebs and get busy!
    I am looking forward to seeing it and meeting you in Denver.
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    Just got home with it and fixin' to get to work putting it back together.:cool:

  5. chucknixon

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    Nick, set up with the pin striper on Saturday morning:D
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    In the continuing saga of the 67 convertible update, today I spent 8 hours installing Dynamat on the floor of the car before we put the carpet, console and seats back in. Love Dynamat product but now I have super sore thumb and fingers from cutting, fitting, smoothing, etc. I like to have all the holes filled after putting the large sheets in place so I do a lot of cutting and trimming and installing small pieces of a variety of shapes.

    This is my second Dynamat installation having done my 67 Sport Wagon a year or so ago. For those who want to do a Dynamat installation I find Summit Racing has the best prices for the product. No one seems to sell Dyanmat in a roll or in large pieces but you can find pre cut kits for almost any car, floors, doors, trunk etc.

    For this convertible installation I bought two Dynamat Door Kits of 12 sq ft each, $65.00 w/tax each from Summit. There are 4 pieces in each box 1' x 3'. I would have needed one more 12 sq ft box except I had some decent pieces left over from the Sport Wagon and a roll of another brand 18" x 5' and used it under the back seat. See the photo below. Installing bumpers, console, carpet, seats tomorrow and door panels on Friday. It is beginning to look like a finished car again.

    Notice my air conditioned work space, tent and fan made the 97-99 degree heat bearable.

    Probably one more update before we put it the trailer and head for Denver. I was going to drive to Denver but after the awesome (and expensive) paint job I don't want an 18 wheeler throwing rocks on me on I-25.

    Left the original factory material on the trans hump as it was still stuck down well Leftover black material similar to Dynamat put down under the rear seat
    and I was running out of Dynamat and did not want to spend another $65.

    DSC_5082.JPG DSC_5083.JPG

    My air conditioned work space.
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  8. dukec

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    Looking great!

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