Replacing Body Mount Bushings

Discussion in 'The whoa and the sway.' started by Christopher Spouse Drew, Nov 23, 2018.

  1. Christopher Spouse Drew

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    Hey guys, I want to replace my bushings, but im not ready to tear the car down yet so ill be replacing them with the car intact. So has anyone found the easiest/safest way to remove and install these bushings without damaging anything. My thought is I need to just lift the body off the frame just enough to pull the bushing out and get the new one in. Let me know what you did, thanks.
  2. Briz

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    I used a porta power with the duck bill attachment. Removed all the bolts on one side, placed the jack in between the frame and body Lifted until I had the room to slide the old out and new in. Only took a few hours and I was blessed to have every bolt come out with no issues.
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  3. DasRottweiler

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    I had to drill small holes thru the floor just above the mounts next to seats/ doors and spray PBBlaster thru holes to saturate bolt and nut. You will have to prop up the carpet, I gutted my interior and did a frame-off resto, so no carpet. Saturated remaining bolts/nuts. Still had 2 cages break on drivers side, hidden bolt by seat and the far rearward one. Had to use 2" holesaw to access cages/nuts and remove bolts. I advise you start soaking bolts/nuts now with PB or something else and continue squirting them whenever you walk by the until you tackle the project.
  4. Christopher Spouse Drew

    Christopher Spouse Drew Well-Known Member

    Okay thats what I was expecting to hear. Thanks guys

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