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    Hello folks. Been gone a couple yrs. Left here after selling my 65 Skylark. Plan was to buy another car for the girlfriend that was more friendly to her back/hip issues and i had other plans in life that have now changed. Luckily i got rid of the car to an old friend who asked what my plans had been for the car. So i told him if i kept it it would be to raise the rear of the car an inch and put new torque thrust wheels on it and new rubber. He drove it maybe 500 miles, raised the rear 2 inches and put on new wheels and tires. He hires me to work with him on a job this spring after i had a bad injury to help get me back on my feet. He tells me he no longer wants the car so we made payment arrangment's and i bought it back. Did i buy the little woman a car? Yes, she wanted a corvette but she settled for a low mileage mint condition all original 1989 Camaro Iroc-Z convertible in blue "her favorite color". The plan that changed? It was a plan to buy an RV and head south/west for the winters basically as an early retirement i guess. Plan was to work summers, save money and take sit easy all winter. She said she wasnt ready to try it yet but it is still a plan in the works. As of now i am making payments on a 1998 Fleetwood Class A with only 18k miles. A close friend of mine bought it after it was neglected and we put a lot of time and money into it. He passed away about 3 weeks ago from cancer. He and his wife had talked to me about me buying it and she made sure i was going to have it so my plan is slowly in action, LOL.
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    I should also add, i replaced the front racing bucket seats with a stock bench out of a chevelle that is far more comfortable for the both of us.
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    Glad to see you back, I enjoyed reading your posts in the past.
    Hope all goes well with your future plans!
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    Glad you got your ride back.
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    One pic is just before i got rid of it and the other is the 4rth of July parade here in Town this yr.

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    Welcome back! :cool:

    Nice ride!

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