RobbMc Mechanical Fuel Pump

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  1. fcpd2239

    fcpd2239 Prehistorque

    RobbMc Mechanical Fuel Pump (SOLD)

    Used (500miles) Buick 550HP Fuel Pump - PN 1002

    I am asking $120 with free shipping US 48. The pump worked very well for what I had. I am going in different direction now...

    Buick 550HP Fuel Pump Specifications:

    • Vapor Return Line Option PN 1010 Included
    • For Engines Up To 550 horsepower
    • Can be upgraded later to an 1100HP for $100
    • Valve Body Can Be Rotated To Any Angle: No Disassembly Required
    • Machined to Clear most Double Roller Timing Chains
    • Maximum Output Pressure: 7 PSI (+/- 1) (about 1 psi more if vapor return
      line is not used)
    • Side Inlet Port: 1/2 NPT
    • Bottom Outlet Port: 1/2 NPT
    • Recommended Fuel: Gasoline or gasoline/ethanol blends
    • Recommended MINIMUM Feed Line Size: 3/8" (or 6AN) up to 450 hp; 1/2" (or
      -8AN) up to 550 hp
    • Recommended Pre-Filter: Factory In-Tank Filter or RobbMc PN 1024
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  2. Mike Miller

    Mike Miller Well-Known Member

    I will take this. Do you paypal?

  3. Houndogforever

    Houndogforever Silver Level contributor

    2nd if by chance Mike decides against it.
  4. paul c

    paul c Well-Known Member

    3rd if others pass.
  5. fcpd2239

    fcpd2239 Prehistorque

    Re: RobbMc Mechanical Fuel Pump (Sold)

    Thanks for looking, I have a Payment from Mike and the item is sold.

    Michael Goldenbogen


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