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  1. Gold GS

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    I have a 72 GS350. I took the valve cover off to replace the gasket and noticed all the rocker arms were tight. I couldn't wiggle any of them. I'm going to attempt a rocker arm adjustment with the engine running. I heard of 2 ways to do it. One is to loosen the rocker until it makes noise, then tighten it until the noise stops. After that tighten it a quarter turn more. The other way I heard is the same but you tighten it 3 quarters of a turn. Does anyone know the proper way?
  2. Dwayne B

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    A stock Buick 350 has none adjustable rockers ,the shaft torqued down to the head.You are thinking of A small block Chevy, I have adjusted them running,lots of times .
  3. Gold GS

    Gold GS Well-Known Member

    Thank you Dwayne B. I'll leave the rockers right where they're at.
  4. Dwayne B

    Dwayne B Well-Known Member

    I would leave it alone, the lifters are probably pumped up ,that's probably way the rockers won't wiggle .
  5. yachtsmanbill

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    On the cylinders that are in position for both valves to be closed 100% (TDC compression stroke) the push rods should just be able to spin by fingertips (zero lash)...across the board. Any tighter will cause a non closed valve condition and any looser will cause a "noisy lifter". Noisy lifters on a Buick mean either no oil pressure(!) or a worn cam (or lifter that wont hold pressure). ws
  6. Gold GS

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    Thanks yachtsmanbill, when I start the car, black liquid (possibly oil) comes out of the exhaust. When it warms up, it stops coming out of the exhaust. Could this be an exhaust valve that's not completely closing? Thank you in advance for your help.
  7. buick64203

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    Its likely water mixed with the carbon from the inside of your exhaust pipes. Condensation is a byproduct of combustion, so water dripping out of the exhaust is normal. As the exhaust pipes get hot, the water burns off
  8. Gold GS

    Gold GS Well-Known Member

    Thank you. That's great news! I was afraid it might have been something more serious.
  9. Bluzilla

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    Even though your Buick has non adjustable rocker arms, ..... the safest/most efficient way to check/set valve lash is as follows:

    Adjust intake valve lash when exhaust valve is starting to open- to half open.

    Adjust exhaust valve lash when intake valve is starting to close (after full lift) -to fully closed.

    Those are the correct times to spin your pushrods to establish desired lash or preload.

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  10. yachtsmanbill

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  11. Gold GS

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    Thanks Everyone for your help. I really appreciate it.

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