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Discussion in 'Interior City' started by raj1980, May 10, 2018.

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    Does anyone know where I can get extensions for the seat belts for 71 Skylark? Mine has the orig black plastic button receiver and deluxe style tongue.
  2. raj1980

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    Nothing on this?
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    PM sent....
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    I did not get a reply from raj1980 so here's the info for anyone else that may need some help.

    The seat belts in a 71 is what GM called "Type 1".

    The extenders came in 2 lengths, 9 inch and 15 inch.

    To measure, once extended measure the remaining distance between the "D" plate (male end) and the buckle

    to determine length.

    9 inch = 12514180

    15 inch = 12514187

    On ebay search type GM extender and the part number there are several.

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  7. raj1980

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    Thanks for checking, both of these options are too narrow.
  8. raj1980

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    My car has the 'Deluxe' style belts, which have a wider tongue and buckle is black plastic.... Here is what is in my 71 Skylark Currently:
    Does anyone know where I can get extenders for this style? I'm not sure the exact width, I haven't measured.
    Any help?
  9. thepartsman

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