Seat covers, AC, seat adjustment questions from an aspiring 75 Lesabre owner

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  1. White with a white top and white interior, I dig it.. . but my work is dirty and I think I may want to drive my Great Dane around with her in the back seat at some points. Is there an over the original seat cover that: Won't tear up/ wear the original seats, won't be damaged by dog claws,will protect against the oil, saw dust and sometimes ink that may be on my work clothes at the end of shift?

    Seller says AC doesn't work/ needs freon, what am I looking at cost-wise & how best to go about getting it? Is it something I can do myself?

    My wife is short, 26" inseam. ... will she be able to drive the 1975 Lesabre/ how far forward can the seats go & is the driver and passenger adjustment separate or is it a single bench? Also, at some point I am going to want to upgrade the stereo, will under-seat subwoofers work? It is a convertible, so what are my best options for bass?
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    If the vinyl on the seats (especially the rear, they probably got a lot less use) is smooth and pretty but stiff, your Dane may poke holes in it or cause long cracks. Butts of people spread the weight out, big dog paws concentrate it. (I used to have a Dane and a 70k Cadillac. It had leather, which is probably worse than vinyl to look good but be fragile).
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    Have your dog drive, then you and the wife can sit in back:D
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    The AC often is 1-2 thousand to repair. There is a reason for the leak of the Freon.
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    Lots o questions there. As to your wife, bring her when you go look at the car. She can sit in it and you can figure out right there if it will work. It probably has a 60/40 bench but it's possible its one piece. Either way I would be surprised if you couldn't make it work for her.

    On my car I put a bass box in the trunk, I'm happy with it. I wound up cutting holes for kick panel speakers.

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