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Discussion in 'Tips On Using The Board' started by Rivman, Apr 6, 2014.

  1. Rivman

    Rivman Senior Ottawa Buick Guy

    Whenever I click on a pic to see the enlarged version, all I get is a full dark, blackened screen with no pic.
    This just started recently on this site - anyone else having the same problem - Win 7 OS ?
  2. David G

    David G de-modded....

    No problem here.
  3. Rivman

    Rivman Senior Ottawa Buick Guy

    Thanks for your reply Erik - I finally managed to sort it out !! :TU:

    . . . right click, and choose - 'open new link', and the pics will come up in a new screen.

    It just means extra steps to see any posted pics, and was much easier with a single left click, then 'close' after viewing.
    - don't know why the computer just started with the blank, greyed out screen on a left click - it was working fine, and just started doing this ??? :af:

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