sheerwood green 1970 GS 455 convertable vin # 44667OH271502 stolen

Discussion in 'Lost and Found' started by swampa, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. swampa

    swampa Member

    Any help finding my stolen car or parts from it would be greatly appreciated, Its a all original 1970 sherwood green GS 455 convertable vin # 44667OH271502, power white top,white interior with power door locks, a/c front semi bench seat with center armrest, turbo 400 auto with on the collumn shifter. It was taken from a friends house that i was storing it at on pleasant street in Rochdale Massachusetts.

    I was in the process of restoring it when it was taken,the doors and front end were all grey primer,the quarter panels and trunk lid were the original sherwood green,the drivers side rear quarter panel had a dent in the middle of it at right at the top crease which i was told by the original owner i purchased the vehicle from happened at the flint michigan factory were the car was built before the car was painted,there were no scratches or cracked paint at the inpact site which coloberates his story it looks like it was painted over the dent,the seats and rug were removed was in the process of patching a few small holes in the floor pans.

    The original transmission was disassembled and in a box awaiting a rebuild,had a bunch of new parts also,all the chrome wheel well moldings still in original gm packaging,both rocker panel moldings still in the original gm packaging and the GS and 455 fender emblems,and grill GS emblem,and the trunk lid GS emblem all new in the original gm packaging,and also had a new black convertable top with back glass whick i was going to sell, all the parts were inside the car when taken ,the original white top was in rough shape and had a giant hole all the way across above the driver and passenger front seat,and the car had new goodyear eagle sst 60's all the way around on the original chrome and black rims.

    If anyone knows or seen this car or has any information that will reunite me with my car would be greatly appreciated and rewarded thanks Steve S

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    P.s. car may have been fixed and painted another color to avoid detection
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  2. Brian Albrecht

    Brian Albrecht Gold Level Monkey

    Sorry to hear of the theft. You PS leads me to believe it may have happened a while ago. Do you know when it was taken?
  3. swampa

    swampa Member

    its been a few years but i haven't given up hope a car of this magnatude just doesnt dissapear i'm sure it will pop up and when it does i'll be ready to pounce !!!

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    and the more people looking for it the better thats why i joined this site and also i believe the car was a stage 1 the original transmission had the bb tag on it and if i understand correctly that means its a stage 1 and when i took the transmission apart it had a 7 disc and plate forward drive clutch not the standard 5 disc forward drive clutch in the regular turbo 400's like the one i got from the junkyard when the original trans smoked
  4. swampa

    swampa Member

    my car wasn't a clone,it was the real deal 44667OH271502 70 buick GS 455 convertable built in Flint Michigan
  5. Wildcat55

    Wildcat55 Well-Known Member

    LOL if they had a hot one they wouldn't use the same vin lol
  6. Brian Albrecht

    Brian Albrecht Gold Level Monkey

    It's nothing to laugh about...
  7. 70staged

    70staged Well-Known Member

    i would take a look at that car just to double check or at least call or have someone close check it out. You might be surprised the worst thing that could happen is that its not it.
  8. swampa

    swampa Member

    is there a way to tell if a vin has been tampered with or changed besides the vin number not matching the frame,engine,trans,and rear end?
  9. gsgnnut

    gsgnnut Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear about the theft. I hate to even bring this up but the cretins around me in westfield ma steal anything metal not bolted down and locked up. They have been know to grab cars and chop them up and haul them to the scrap yard in the beds of their trucks for quick cash. The WPD catches these scumbags almost everyday with truckloads of stolen metals and car parts. They could care less about real value of what they steal . Hopefully at the time of the theft you went to the local scrapyards and posted pictures of your stolen car so they could ID any parts if they came in and they could nab the jerks. The other possibility is the car was stuffed in a storage container and shipped overseas, or its still hidden somewhere. I scour western mass and Ive not seen any ads or found any 70 skylark or GS convertable parts up for sale in a long while. I would definately go look at that sherwood green 70 convert in worcester to see if anything on it looks familar. Another thing I found is that if an unregistered ( hobby) car is stolen in ma, the cops wont even pursue it. My cousin had a 71 skylark stolen and the cops told him he legally didnt own it because it was not titled and registered at the time of theft and they refused to even look for it. MA is definately not classic car friendly. Good luck, I hope it turns up.
  10. swampa

    swampa Member

    where abouts in worcester did you see the sherwood green 70 convertable? was it a GS 455 ? did it have a white top and interior? I grew up in worcester and lived there just about all my life please let me know thanks
  11. gsgnnut

    gsgnnut Well-Known Member

    A month or two back there was a thread on a 1970 green convertible in the Worcester area. It may have been a craigs list ad. I looked at the photos and the discussion was that it would be lot of work to bring it back. ( I didn't think it was that bad )It was all green think it had a black top and cant remember if it was a gs or skylark. may have been a lark.:confused:

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