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    I have been checking and cannot find any info that would help me. I have a 78 century weighing 3675 with me in it. 462 with 212 cam, 1500-5500 power range.
    200-4r tranny, 389 ford 9 inch rear. What stall ratio should I use for my convertor as this is mainly a street driven car.
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    I would do a custom converter for your combo and I would go with a high stall rating as you can use the lockup on the highway anyway so it is not an issue to be a bit loose on the converter. The same thing that makes them so good is also expensive, the lockup disks need to be able to handle the power your engine makes and the stock and mild converters are NOT rated to handle much over 200 HP during lockup conditions (part throttle cruise). MANY 4L60E and 2004R trans die an early death starting with the lockup disks being completely killed. The low $ replacement converters are not much better than stock. I paid $1200 for a 2004R converter that was rated to handle 1000 HP on lockup, triple disks and it is a nice setup. About $700-800 is what I would say you should need to spend to get a decent lockup converter for your combo.
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    You can definitely drop a lot of coin on a good converter. I would also make the call to Mr. Weise and see what he could do for you. I run a 245mm unit in my 2004r(Built by

    I wouldn't be locking one up at full throttle. Those triple disk units are rattley when they aren't locked and for the extra tenth or two I don't think it is worth it. Just a personal preference.

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    A d5 grandnational converter would work fine. They are just alittle on the heavy side.
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    I ran a mild D5 for a while. Worked good until the supercharger was put on. Actually still worked good till it died.
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