st 300 swap to st 400 66 GS

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    thirty years ago I found a 65 st 400 and at the time didn't have the means to move to trans mounts forward about 6" +/- so I used some heavy angle iron and bridged the gap, and it was a great marriage took the st 300 yoke off and put the st 400 on the linkage fit prefect from the st 300. Well today I thought I would just put the shifter on just like I did thirty years ago same motor and trans, same car. the only difference is the energy suspension rear trans mount. because now the tail of the st 400 is at the top of the tunnel and the shifter will not seat properly, energy said there rear mount is right at 2" and if I lower the trans mount to much the slip yoke will not get over the cross member so much for a simple little task on my day off.
    any help would be greatly appreciated. were to get a new st 300 mount or just how tall it is will be a good starting point to measure against what I have now
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    Maby telriv or wkillgs will chime in
    or PM them..
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    Great News I found a company that with a few mods. They have a kit that will put your upgraded trans on a cable shift. the answer to my problem with out bending or grinding. the site is called

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