Stainless Trim around Rear Window

Discussion in 'Wrenchin' Secrets' started by TWO72"s, Mar 29, 2018.

  1. TWO72"s

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    Its been a few years since I have removed any glass on the cars. What is the best way to remove the stainless rear window trim without damaging it ? Also any special tool suggestions ?

  2. TrunkMonkey

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    I use a painter's tool.

    Blade flat against the glass, slowly move the point until it catches the clip, then slowly rotate using the "squared" side (opposite of the point) as a fulcrum, and it should "pop" the trim loose from that clip.

    There are "special" tools that do the same thing, but I have found them often flimsy, and they slip or deform and I have better control with the painter's tool.

    Other folks may have tips.
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  5. TWO72"s

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    Thanks guys going to work on it tommorrow, I found another flat offset pliers type tool that may work also
  6. yachtsmanbill

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    Dont forget the mandatory window crank/door opener tool too ! ws


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