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Discussion in 'Members Rides' started by DeansGSX, Jul 1, 2015.

  1. Rich Johns

    Rich Johns Platinum Level Contributor

    Car looks great with original paint, and should be saved.

    I was showing my customer's concours 69 GTO Judge at MCACN show this year which was great, but what garnered all the attention were original survivor cars.

    This category is growing Big Time with many collectors only interested in original cars and willing to pay anything for them.

    Survivor cars are not perfect ,never will be, but are very unique and special vehicles.
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  2. bignastyGS

    bignastyGS Maggot pilot

    I agree with Rich. I have seen way too many "perfect" restorations on cars over the years. 1st, I could never enjoy it as I would hate to drive it and when it got dirty,I would get annoyed. I had a black 86 GS that was a show car. Pain to keep clean and sat more than enjoyed. I have no time for over restored cars anyways. I will bet a limb that GM didn't build them that way the first time. Don't get me wrong,I like a nice clean,well done car,but to spend foolish money so every bolt,nut was painted and colored when it wasn't that way back in 1970 doesn't do much for me. Too many over restorations are around.
  3. moleary

    moleary GOD Bless America

    My vote from afar is to phosphate any rust holes, touch up paint areas you can to stop any cancer, and leave the patina on.

    There is always some day down the road to paint it. Original paint is only once...

    Looking good!
  4. Guy Parquette

    Guy Parquette Platinum Level Contributor

    This is my vote also.

    BTW Nice Job!

    ps. I would spray it in lacquer...unless there is a process out there now to get a b/c to look like lacquer?
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  5. DeansGSX

    DeansGSX Well-Known Member

    Thanks Guy.... I think you know a co-worker of mine - Bruce B.
  6. Guy Parquette

    Guy Parquette Platinum Level Contributor

    If its the same Bruce B... I just got off the phone with him. What line of work are you in?
  7. DeansGSX

    DeansGSX Well-Known Member

    Electrician for a power company.
  8. DeansGSX

    DeansGSX Well-Known Member

    Rear end apart and just received bearings. Rounded corners and recessed bolt holes on patch panels for Rad. support.

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  9. staged70

    staged70 RIP

    I think this survivor title should be reserved for those very few original cars in good shape too. If you know Bob Stemm he's got a 73 or 74 Stage 1SunCoupe its got 98percent original paint. that's the kind of car I would consider a survivor with touch up paint only I do understand leaving them original like GSX #7. I just couldn't have a super rare car with rust holes and a beat Interior.
  10. Guy Parquette

    Guy Parquette Platinum Level Contributor

    Ah...I was thinking of a different Bruce.

    I raced with Bruce and family....Different brand, and a competitor, but we all got along very well and became friends.
    Tell him hi!
  11. DeansGSX

    DeansGSX Well-Known Member

    Been awhile since anything has happened. Rear end is powder coated and will hopefully be reassembled the next couple weeks. Stage 1, carb & distributor still being worked on. Ordered repo WG rims, should be here middle o March. Seems like slow progress lately. Have a God Day All!
  12. DeansGSX

    DeansGSX Well-Known Member

    In the last week I have got my rearend back and purchased an aluminum radiator with electric fans. This weekend would like to get brakes taken care of and put rearend back in frame. sounds like motor has been bored this last week and they are balancing. Excited to get that back too. That's all I have for now.:TU:

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  13. DeansGSX

    DeansGSX Well-Known Member

    Everything has come to a screeching halt, Mom is very ill. And it doesn't look good. Please say a prayer that she passes painlessly. Thank you.
  14. DeansGSX

    DeansGSX Well-Known Member

    For those of you that prayed for a peaceful passing of my Mother, I Thank You. She officially passing at 9:31pm last night. It been a long coupe of weeks.
  15. ynotbuick

    ynotbuick Platinum Level Contributor

    So sorry for your loss Dean. May God Bless and help you and your family through this difficult time.

    STAGE III Lost Experimental Block

    May the peace that only God can give you comfort you and your loved ones at this time.
  17. DeansGSX

    DeansGSX Well-Known Member

    Thanks Dennis and John. It's nice to know that people still care about others weather they have meet each other in life or not. I do appreciate it very much.
  18. bignastyGS

    bignastyGS Maggot pilot

    Sorry to hear of this Dean. My mom still has her health at 76 years old and we are lucky for that.. I had to deal with my dad's loss a few years ago and it took a toll on me..
  19. Buicksky

    Buicksky Silver Level contributor

    Dean sorry for your loss . I am just starting to see my parents decline and am fearfull of facing the day I loose them. Do your car your way. I know I would not be able to have a rare car with Rust and Patina. That said if you own it enjoy it your way.
  20. DeansGSX

    DeansGSX Well-Known Member

    Thank you Pat. It is a blessing to have your Mother in good health. I to lost my Father about 10 yrs. ago. His passing lingerd a while and he suffered greatly. I pass the cemetery everyday on my way to/from work, so I say good morning/goodnight.

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